Of Theharav

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Oct 2017 10:31:35


By Vijay Phanshikar,


THAT’s the word!
The nearest English synonym for Theharav could be ‘Gravitas’! This is one word that fascinates me no end. This is one word that has made me think deeply about life and its nuances and its dimensions and twists and its turns and even its hairpin bends. As one undertakes life’s journey, what stands in best stead is Theharav - Gravitas. If one has Theharav, one is able to travel with aplomb.

That has made such a difference to human existence, added such a depth to human personality! This one word denotes substance. It indicates style. It demonstrates weight. It suggests gravity. In sum total, it marks a sense of totality.

‘When I saw you as a young girl, I really found you beautiful. But even in that beautiful persona, you still looked scatter-brain,
unresolved. Though I found you attractive, I did not feel a magnetic pull. Now we are meeting after a long time. You have changed -- for the better. I realise, you have attained certain Theharav! That has the magnetic value I have always looked for.’

This was what a hero in a Hindi play said to the heroine. I saw the play decades ago, and the title, too, has slipped from the memory. Yet, this dialogue -- translated into English by me from memory -- has stayed ingrained on my mind’s inner screen. The word Theharav made such an impact on my thought in those impressionable years.
During my travel through the jungle of journalism for the past five decades, all I have learned to notice is Theharav -- Gravitas!

Of course, Theharav does not come from physical weight or facial good looks or expensive clothes one may wear or flashy jewellery one may boast of or the great big house one may reside in or the big and famous school one might have attended or the fashionable and elite society one may be mingling with. Theharav comes from nothing of these individually or collectively. It may come from the cumulative effect all these might have had on one’s personality, lending it certain depth of emotion, height of
thought, penetration of ideas, width of accommodation ...!
Or, in some cases, Theharav may not come from any or all of these, but may offer itself to somebody on the basis of the intensity of life’s experience -- from grief to grime to glamour to glitter. It may not be easy to define the route via which Theharav may arrive to reside in a personality.
One thing is sure, however, that Theharav grants the personality certain weight, certain stability. This stability, this gravitas, adds a special nuance to the personality. It creates in the person a sense of satiation, a sense of unattached connect with the world, if considered from spiritual point of view. In other words, Theharav also suggests a saintly quality that marks itself differently from
common people who get affected with greed and need of life almost violently.

Thus, Theharav -- Gravitas -- is not an ordinary quality. It is extraordinary in every which the way, and is not available to anybody and everybody. That is also the reason why anybody is able to notice a person with Theharav, distinguish him or her from others. That is why even among top actors or top leaders or top artists or top singers, only a few are endowed with Theharav! Everybody may have his or her charm, his or her attraction. Yet, the magenetic value gets added to the
personalities of only very few who look
That is because of Theharav!