Pulses prices tank to 10-year low in wholesale market

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Oct 2017 09:56:00


By Praveen Vighre,

Pulses Prices

Chana Dal                            Rs 6200-6500 per 100 kg
Tur Dal Fatka                       Rs 5800-6200 per 100 kg
Tur Fod                               Rs 5000-5500 per 100 kg
Masur Dal                            Rs 4800-5200 per 100 kg
Mung Mogar                        Rs 6000-6700 per 100 kg
Mung Dal                            Rs 4800-5200 per 100 kg
Mung Chilka                        Rs 5000-5500 per 100 kg
Urad Mogar                         Rs 5600-6500 per 100 kg
Batana Dal                          Rs 2800-2900 per 100 kg
Lakhodi Dal                         Rs 2700-2850 per 100 kg

Rice Swarna                       Rs 2300-2500 per 100 kg
BPT Rice                            Rs 2800-3500 per 100 kg
Jai Shreeram Rice               Rs 4000-4600 per 100 kg
Chinnor Rice                      Rs 4400-4600 per 100 kg
Wheat general quality         Rs 1900-2000 per 100 kg
Wheat Lokvan                    Rs 2100-2300 per 100 kg
Wheat Tukdi (broken)        Rs 2000-2250 per 100 kg
Wheat MP Sarbati              Rs 2100-2800 per 100 kg
Poha Patla                        Rs 3400-3800 per 100 kg
Poha Jada                        Rs 3050-3750 per 100 kg
Murmura bag                   Rs 220-360 per 100 kg

When essential commodities like vegetables, LPG and others are quoted on higher side during Diwali, it is only pulses which have contributed in celebrating the festival as the prices are low.

Pulses prices in the wholesale market have cooled down bringing a sigh of relief to consumers who were hit by inflationary trend since couple of months. The prices of important pulses like gram (chana) and tur which were quoted between Rs 100 and Rs 200 per kilogram in wholesale market have tanked remarkably.

Pratap Motwani, Secretary of Wholesale Grain and Seeds Merchants Association said, “The nature has come to the rescue of the people this Diwali. The production of Tur Dal which was just 170 lakh tonne last year has increased to 220 lakh tonne this season. To bridge the gap, Government too had imported pulses from the overseas market which resulted in falling of prices of Tur Dal in the wholesale market.

” Pulses are available between Rs 30 and Rs 65 per kilogram in the wholesale market. When compared, the prices of pulses are 10-year low or reduction of 75 per cent. “Even, the prices of rice and wheat have reduced when compared with the year-ago period,” he said. It is rare occasion, as the prices of foodgrains are similar that of Government’s minimum support price (MSP). The prices of foodgrains in the wholesale market are quoted in the table.