Tea merchants conduct ‘Diwali Milan’ programme

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Oct 2017 09:25:26


Business Bureau,

While celebrating Diwali Milan here in the city, members of the Nag Vidarbha Tea Merchants Association recently raised various issues related to their trade. Anil Ahirkar, President of the association, said that Government should take concrete steps to promote export of tea. “India is the second largest producer of tea in the world but it is far behind countries like Sri Lanka, Kenya as far as export of tea is concerned,” he said.

Ahirkar stressed on quality improvement to support export of tea. It is one of crucial sectors that could earn huge foreign exchange. However to make it a reality, Government need to make policies supporting the cause,” he added.

Ahirkar further said that recent surveys conducted in various countries have proved that consuming tea is good for health - especially the green tea.
In his address, Sunil Agrawal, Joint Secretary of the association, said that Government should bring down Goods and Services Tax on tea from existing 5 per cent to 0 per cent. “It is a drink very popular in all parts of the country. Rich and poor both consume tea every day and thus Government should not collect GST from the team consumers,” he said.

Apart from this, Agrawal also said that Government should make tax filing simple and hassle-free for the traders. “At present, the traders are baring the brunt of the complex procedure of GST. Instead of monthly filing of returns, the traders should be allowed to do it once in every three months,” he said. The Nag Vidarbha Tea Merchants Association accepted the suggestions of Agrawal and decided to forward it to Union Government very soon.

One the occasion, the traders felicitated Vijay Chaurasia, one of the senior members of the association, for becoming executive body member of All India Tea Traders Association. He was elected to the prestigious body recently in New Delhi.

Virendra Yaduka presided over the Diwali Milan event while Ram Madan, Treasurer of the association, proposed a vote of thanks while Shambhu Tekariwal, Secretary, conducted the proceedings. Prashant Ahirkar and Rajeev Javery worked hard to make the event a big success.

Large number of tradersincluding Sajan Jalan, Satyanarayan Daga, Amrut Patel, Kishanlal Gandhi, Pankaj Rathi, Amrendra Yaduka, Pawan Agrawal, Birsingh Seharvat were among the prominent persons attended the event.