Are we allowing our youngsters to sink into a dark abyss?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Oct 2017 13:10:14




EVEN the honourable Supreme Court has felt that ‘Blue Whale’ computer game is perilous and there is a need for the Government to educate people on its ill-effects and also frame rules to curb the menace. Even the authorities have been trying to stay alert against anybody indulging in ‘Blue Whale’ game that has the capability of taking the player to the point of committing suicide.  Unfortunately, the judiciary or the authorities have not woken up to similar dangers in various internet games or websites in thousands of numbers available to anybody, young or old. They have not realised how dangerous a trend it has already become when countless lakhs of youngsters as well as elders have already become victims of a dangerous addiction and affliction. It is time we -- all of us -- look seriously at this issue and find appropriate solutions.

For, in home after home, in college after college, in school after school, this dangerous trend is growing at a menacing speed. This has been happening for the past ten years, with no social awareness against it. Families and schools and colleges only complain, but make no effort to curb the menace.  In Hyderabad, a survey showed that in dozens of schools and colleges, the kids have grown addicted to computer games that are simply indecent and pornographic. In every city or town -- or even in village -- a similar situation is available, with no solution in sight, with no redemption even in our thought.

What a close friend of mine, an ophthalmic surgeon, said in half jest really shook me to the root. He said, “Vijay, I must thank my stars. I am having a roaring practice. And most of the patients are young guys and gals. They hurt their eyes by poring into their mobile phones playing dirty games and enjoying absolute filth and come to me for treatment.” As he said this, his eyes looked terribly sad. He then added, “Vijay, I have a college girl as my recent patient. She has almost gone blind and I may not be able to help her. She is a complete victim of mobile and computer addiction. She is everywhere in social media. She is all the time with her mobile. She sleeps late. Gets up late. Misses classes. Fails in exams. She has lost weight. Her eyes look blood-shot, as if she has just cried or is about to cry or just had a big fight with somebody. I don’t know how to stop all this. I don’t want money from such cases. It shames me.” He was not talking about just one girl or a few youngsters who visit him for treatment. He was talking about a whole generation which we have failed to salvage from an avoidable menace.

For years, I have been campaigning against this evil, but only to little effect. I do not mind declaring my inability to change the young mindset or alter the social thinking. In every family, we have parents who keep complaining about the menace all the time but are unable to do something concrete to redeem their youngsters from its ill-effects. I gather an impression that we are allowing our young generation to get into the wrong lane of life.  It is time now for all of us to rise above our so-called weaknesses and stop our youngsters from sinking into an abyss from which there may be no redemption. If we fail to do this at this very moment with utmost sense of urgency, we  will be the criminals in the court of gods when it is our time to face them.