Additional rooms sanctioned for Old-Age Home

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Oct 2017 10:27:55


By Shivanjali Verma,

October 1 is celebrated as International Senior Citizens Day across the globe, but still majority have turned deaf ear and are reluctant to go beyond the terrible stories and experiences narrate by the elderly.
Senior citizens are compelled to face distress and distance from near and dear ones at this stage of illness and gloom in life.

Ignorance, negligence and avoidance from their children have brought darkness and a never-ending silence in their lives. In this miserable stage, they have to take shelter at Old-Age homes making it a place with anxiety and suffering for most of the residents. The gap between two generations has become so wide that the existing space at the Nirashrit Vridha Ashram (Old Age Home), Shastri Nagar, run by Jabalpur branch of Red Cross Society becomes less to accommodate the inflow of elderly destitutes.

“The Old-Age Home management needs more space to smoothly accommodate elderly members in the campus. At present, Ashram is the home to 92 elderly destitutes including 38 males and 54 females, who are accommodated in eight rooms. Meanwhile, 12 members are staying together in each of the eight rooms”, disclosed Rajnibala Sohal, Superintendent, Old-Age Home.

She further added that the Collector has given permission for construction of four additional rooms.
“After Collector’s approval, we are waiting for estimation of construction works from the PWD Department which is the construction agency. Hopefully the additional rooms will be constructed soon”, said the Superintendent.

The Ashram is providing shelter to the hopeless elderly citizens who are receiving every type of physical and monetary support from the district administration.
“Once the relatives leave these elderly here, majority of them don't turn back to enquire about them until and unless they have some selfish purposes. The scene becomes so painful when we inform their relatives about their deteriorating health they start avoiding our calls.

Most of the times, even last rites of elderly members have to be performed by the Ashram management itself,” informed the Superintendent while sharing about misery of senior citizens.