My soul’s salvation

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Oct 2017 11:19:24


I died! That’s not a complaint; rather a compliment for me. Because my soul knows that I lived my entire life protecting my fellow people; and even in the end, I went to greet death like an old friend; chest puffed with pride that I was able to save my people.

I distinctly remember my vacation in the last summer. I had taken a leave to stay with my family for a couple of days. But one fine day, I got a call from my superior asking me to report back immediately to my post as the men there needed reinforcements. I could sense my family listening keenly to my side of the conversation as I asked for the status and checked other details.

I kept the phone and the look on my face said it all it seems; my parents’ eyes had gone dull with sadness but still tried to mask their grief. When I looked at my wife, I could see that she was fighting hard not to show an ounce of regret nor any sign of sorrow. They steeled up and met my gaze with support and acceptance. That was when I understood that she was being strong for me. I explained to her the gravity of the situation and told her that they needed more men and I was willing to terminate my leave and volunteer as I was nearby to my post.

She just said in an unwavering and calm voice,” Don’t you worry about your second family here. Go and save the first one. It needs you more! “. Her sentence absolutely stunned me. I was amazed at how easily one could sacrifice their people for the sake of others. She would never know this, but that statement was all that I needed to be strong against my conflicting emotions as well as my enemies. It was all the clarity that I needed in the times of self-doubt, all the will I needed to go on when all I wanted to do was to give in.

It was one such day that I had gone to the front again to volunteer and to fend off the intruders. My wife had known that it was not mandatory for me to go, yet, she once again put on a brave face for my sake and started making all the arrangements. That day too, I fought my foes fearlessly. But as they say, all is fair in love and war, he crept up from behind me, and for once, he was faster than me and his bullet hit the target slightly to the left in my rib-cage. I wanted to just fall down and take rest but a voice was calling me and was not letting me be at peace. And just before I fell down, I shot him too in his head. That was the end, for him, me and the battle. We had won.

But that day, I was unable to return to her. So instead, she came for me, wearing pure white clothes. I could see the people praising my brave deed and being sad that I had died so young. But in one corner near my pyre, she stood with the same steely eyes fixated on my body, but tears pouring down her face as though without her permission. And yet again, like an anchor to my drowning ship, she whispered,” I understand!”. And at last, my soul found its salvation.

I believe there are many great people and unsung heroes all around and one such hero is my wife. They all eulogized me, but no one noticed how much she had sacrificed for the country. My hero was my wife, who not only saved my life but rescued and liberated me even after it was over!










Shivani Damle,Hislop College .