firm steps

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Oct 2017 11:24:36

PAKISTAN can never free itself from anti-India activities. A few occasional words that may have a tinge of remorse coming from somebody in Pakistan Government do not make sense. Never mind those few words, it is obvious that Pakistan would continue its anti-India machinations as part of its belief-system. That is why it has continued its dirty activities despite some tough blows India delivered in the past three years.

The Border Security Force (BSF) has discovered a 14-foot long unfinished tunnel across the border from Pakistan to India. This discovery has made clear once again that Pakistani mischief has continued over time and its effort to push its men -- either in uniform or otherwise -- into India in any manner are more than obvious to the world. 

Of course, the Government has given the security forces a free hand in dealing with the cross-border machinations of not just Pakistan but also of China, Myanmar and even Bangladesh. This free hand has produced some of the best results of the operations of the security forces. There are reasons to believe that Indian security forces have conducted a lot of such successful operations to eliminate terrorists and their groups and their camps.

On many occasions, the Indian forces are known to have forayed deep into the Pakistani territory to eliminate the undeclared enemy’s forward posts. Recently, the Army also launched a very serious retaliation on Naga rebels hiding in the Myanmar territory just across the border. All those armed interventions have been extremely successful, much to the delight of the common people.

Even though the Government has chosen not to make much noise about these retaliatory activities, it is known to the people that there are lots of actrivities taking place in border areas. On the whole, we can say that the border is on the boil, and some of that activity is on account of the Indian action.

This sounds like music, to put it in a mild manner. Every common Indian is happy that the Armed Forces are taking on the enemy in small but firm steps that are proving effective. He has been waiting eagrely for such retaliation by the Indian forces. That it is taking place with vehemence and vengeance, is a matter of pleasure and pride for average Indian people. For, all along, the common Indian people have been asking for such a policy of immediate retaliation, of immediate act of vengeance. Now that it is taking place, they feel happy.

The discovery of the tunnel by the BSF now is one more proof of Pakistan’s dirty designs and ugly intentions. When such actrivities are being noticed in a continued manner, then it becomes the fundamental duty of the Armed Forces to be more strict than ever and plan measures that would ensure that every inch of the border is under a strict, no-nonsense vigil.

In the past some time, an interesting piece of news has percolated out of Pakistan -- that the Pakistan Army personnel are finding it difficult to cope with the policy to sponsor terror. The Pakistani soldiers have realised that they are becoming targets of Indian retaliation just because terrorists are operating from areas under Pakistan’s control. Even though Pakistani Government has sponsored terrorist activity across the border, the average Paki soldiers seem to feel that they are fighting somebody’s war.

Global evidence is available to establish that no soldier ever wants to fight somebody else’s war. If this info from Pakistan has some substance, then it must be surmised that India has succeeded hugely in creating a strong case against State-sponsored terrorism. Perhaps, the Pakistani authorities do not seem to realise this. For, if they had realised this reality, they would never have continued with their dirty designs.