Cops serve notice to Vijaya Bank for transporting Rs 46L to other branch in Ola cab

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Oct 2017 10:35:37


Staff Reporter,

Gross negligence was witnessed on Tuesday after security employees of Vijaya Bank Berasia branch were found transporting Rs 46 lakh cash in a cab instead or armed cash filling van from Berasia branch to MP Nagar branch inviting criminals to steal huge cash. When police enquired from Vijaya Bank Berasia branch manager, he told that as it is less expensive therefore cash was transported in private cab.

During routine patrolling police personnel including head constable Keshaw and constable Kamal who were deployed with FRV 81 in the morning on Tuesday at Berasia road found that chest carrying cash was kept in the dickey of a Ola cab (MP-04-TA-8510) and when enquired about the chest it was found that it carrying a massive amount which was scheduled to be transported to MP Nagar branch. Hanumanganj police were informed and later a notice was issued to the bank concerned.

SHO of Hanumanganj, Jitendra Pathak said that even after several cases recently negligence has been found in the operating of cash management by banks and cash management agencies. Pathak said that the rules book was asked from the bank staff and it was found that none of the rules and regulations for transporting cash from one branch to other branch was being followed. One of the very basic rule of tying chest with chain was not followed which could lead to easy escape of miscreants with the chest.

After negligence was found a notice was issued to the Vijaya Bank Berasia branch after which the bank clarified defending the act and stated that the security guard deployed is new in the system and was not well verse with the process. He said that after the incidents of stealing of cash by distracting customers and cash management service staff vigil has been increased around the banks and using Public Addressing (PA) system customers are made aware of the tricks used by the miscreants for stealing and cheating victims carrying cash.