Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Oct 2017 10:56:06

THE shootout in Las Vegas, USA, in which 58 persons, enjoying an open air concert, were killed and over 500 injured, is a senseless barbarism. The “lone wolf” marauder was clearly a psychopath, mindlessly resorting to wanton shooting. Premier US investigating agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has scotched the claim of terror outfit Islamic State (IS) that the lone gunman was their ‘soldier.’ While the US may be under the radar of the Islamic terror outfits like the IS and Al Qaeda because of President Mr. Donald Trump’s tough view on terrorism and his vow to go after it anywhere in the world, investigators have ruled out their role in Sunday’s massacre. But America is paying a very heavy price for its liberal policy about possession of guns by private individuals, providing easy access to lethal weapons. There have been shootouts by teenaged boys even on school campuses. It is an enigma how the gunman managed to carry as many as eight guns in his hotel room. There appears to be no dearth of such psychopaths in the United States.


THAT the Government of India is mulling to set up a special committee to study security and development issues along the 4000 kms border with China is indeed an urgently felt need. No Government in the past had given such importance to the problems that China was creating in the Northeastern region of the country, nor was there so much volatility along the China border as is being witnessed of late. Provocative actions by Chinese troops along much of Indian territory has necessitated an urgent review of development and security issues in the region. Chinese incursions in Indian territories in recent times has exposed the woefully inadequate communication infrastructure in the Northeastern region and hence the move to appoint a special study group is the first positive step towards a proactive action plan for the critical area. India can no longer afford to be complacent in the face of Chinese belligerence as far as territorial claims are concerned. India, has to take immediate steps to secure its borders.