Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Oct 2017 11:46:03

IF the claim made by the IT security firm Quick Heal that data of over 6,000 Indian companies, including banks and defence firms, has been put on sale by an unknown hacker is true, then it is a serious matter and needs to be tackled urgently. While the Government is making an all out effort for digitisation of its services to check corruption in the delivery system and to bring in transparency and efficiency, doubts about cyber security were always raised by some people. With the spread of Internet, hackers can lay their hands on crucial data of any firm, sitting in any corner of the world. And this may become a tool of new warfare. Recently, several firms in over 100 countries, including India, were affected by ransomeware attack. The organisations that are at risk in the instant case are RBI, SBI, DRDO, ISRO, BSE, EPFO, among others. If the data of all these firms falls into the hands of the enemy nation, there will be a mass disruption of services. The Government must deploy best brains in IT field to counter possible cyber attack and make cyber security of all the firms impregnable at the earliest.


IT IS A GREAT opportunity for aspiring footballers and millions of Indian fans to be witness to world class talent. With the Under-17 World Cup soccer tournament scheduled to kick-off on October 6, it would be a godsend opportunity for young Indian players, who have been honoured to represent the country in this marquee event. What is refreshing to know is that majority of the players selected for the Indian team are from very very humble background, so much so that families of eight players hailing from Manipur had to be financially supported by good samaritans and philanthropists to fund their travel expenses and buy their tickets to the World Cup. Though humble in background, the players’ spirit is indomitable. It is indeed a great occasion as the event is being held in the country for the first time and the country has got the first opportunity to play in a FIFA mega tournament. Though the Indian football authorities and coach are quite aware of the limitations of the team, this world class exposure would do a world of good to the promotion of soccer as a game in the country.