Gyan Ganga Educational Academy observes ‘Pink Day’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Oct 2017 10:14:36


Staff Reporter,


GYAN Ganga Educational Academy celebrated ‘Pink Day’ to give the message of spirit of peace, love and harmony, in the school premises on Saturday. Students of class III – V made significant contribution to make the special. All children along with teachers wore different shades of pink clothes to mark the day.

The children enthusiastically took part in different activities. Class III students amazed everyone with their talent in performing arts and showed their attention they pay towards their surroundings. They brought array of things ranging from chocolates to RayBan glasses and enacted their advertisements and overcoming the stage fear.

While the younger ones were busy showing off their acting talent and acumen of stage presence, the students of Class IV showcased their creativity.
They carved vegetables and fruits into beautiful shapes and arranged into salads that awakened the hunger of many who saw the colourful display.
Students of Class V took up the activities of creating Ikebana as well as arranging fresh flowers. The display they put up was not only refreshing and fragrant but also conveyed the message of love and peace.

Director of the institution Priyanka Shandilya and Principal Pratima Rajgor blessed the children with their presence, encouraging words, praises and wishes.
All the activities were enjoyed by the students as well as the teachers making it extremely difficult for the judges to choose one over the other. However, the children showed amazing sportsman’s spirit by praising each other irrespective of the result.
And thus the ‘Pink Day’ celebration finally came to its conclusion and the children were orderly dispersed for the day.