Patra slams Digvijay, Owaisi on Rohingya issue

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Oct 2017 11:09:26


Staff Reporter,

National Spokesman of Bharatiya Janata Party Dr Sambit Patra lambasted Congress leaders Digvijay Singh and MP Asauddin Owaisi for advocating giving shelter to Rohingya Muslims by saying that these leaders are talking in volumes about Rohingya Muslim refugees, but by doing so they are turning blind eye towards national security issue.

Dr Sambit Patra claimed that only 14,000 Rohingya Muslims have applied for refuge in India and rest 40,000 are illegal migrants. He shed light on Indian Constitution and said Constitution written by Dr B R Ambedkar clearly states that illegal migrants should not be spared. And action should be taken under Foreigners Act which says that illegal migrants should be deported.

Taking on Digvijay Singh, Asauddin Owaisi over the issue, he said that it was in 1951 and 1967 that India refused to sign the UN Refugee Law and at both times, Congress was in power in country.

“There is no law regarding the refugee but there is standard operation. Any refugee having passport will have to apply seeking permission to stay for time being. Later, on government cross check the credentials and can allow refugee to stay for five years and one more year extension can be given afterwards. This means only 6 years’ permission can be given to refugees under certain conditions but if say of Owaisi and Digvijay Singh prevails then refugee can get permanent stay,’ he said.

Claiming that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership country has earned new dimension globally. He also praised country’s firm stand on Doklam issue and said whatever happened was historical and big victory.

Taking on Digvijaya Singh and MP Asauddin Owaisi for backing Rohingya Muslims on humanitarian ground, he said BJP workers are being killed in Kerala and he wants to know that where all these humanitarians go missing on this issue. He said had the Muslim word had been not attached with Rohingya then there would not have been much ado. He urged Muslims not to get coaxed by vested interest people. He was of the view that political parties who see vote bank on immigration issue need to rise up and think about national security. He was speaking during a symposium organised by Sarokar Samiti on ‘Rashtriya Suraksha aur Manavta’ on Thursday. On this occasion, MP Alok Sanjar, BJP Spokesman Rahul Kothari etc were present.