Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Oct 2017 11:38:10









SUICIDE by  a young girl in Maharashtra’s Nanded district to spare her farmer father from undergoing the ordeal of raising money for dowry is most unfortunate. Last year, another girl from the State had ended her life for the same reason. Until now, debt-ridden farmers were taking the extreme step unable to tide over the financial crisis following crop failures.

Now, innocent young girls, who should be dreaming of an exciting new life after marriage, are also  following the same path. The farmers, who are already facing farm crisis, are suffering further anguish due to the evil practice of dowry. Poor farmers often have to sell whatever assets they have to arrange for dowry, so that their daughters are not harassed by the in-laws.

Though there is an anti-dowry law, it has not helped in ending the social evil, as people prefer to suffer silently rather than hauling up dowry-seeking people to the court of law. This emboldens other greedy people. Instead of ending their lives and pushing their parents into  shock and despair, girls should make a resolve not to marry a person seeking dowry. 



PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s appeal to save youth from alcoholism has tremendous relevance to today’s social scene in which people witness countless numbers of young people taking to alcoholism. It has been noticed that young people get drawn to alcoholism because of wrong notions that the habit makes them socially acceptable and fashionable.

Once the habit gets formed, it is really difficult to get the youngster off it. Hence the need to ensure that the young people do not get into the habit at all. This may be easier said than done, as some may assert. This may be true, too. Yet, the best way to save the youth from the menace of alcoholism is to ensure that they never get into the habit in the first place. Much depends, however, on the atmosphere and sanskaar in the family.

The homes where the sanskaar is strong run a lesser risk of their youngsters getting onto the wrong lane of life. This is not just an individual issue, however. It is a dangerous social affliction that needs to be tackled collectively almost on a war footing.  That is the PM’s message.