Filth, heaps of garbage around Civil Hospital, Bairagarh giving birth to diseases

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Oct 2017 12:53:34

Staff Reporter,

These days, the civil hospital, Bairagarh is in limelight for its filth, dirtiness inside and outside the hospital giving birth to the diseases. Many attendants came with patients, on Friday complained that there is totally absence of sanitation, dirt, filth and heaps of garbage might be seen inside and outside this Government hospital. More than 1,000 patients came to this Government hospital from Bairagarh, Lalghati area, Gandhi Nagar and adjoining villages. Even, many serious patients too come from the Sehore district.

Many patients’ attendants about daily complain to the hospital authorities about not having proper cleanliness, even the toilets and corridors of the hospital are also found dirty. Economically poor patients who get treatment at this Government hospital are forced to be admitted in this hospital.

Besides, the corridors and toilets stinking from medical waste; it seems there is no proper system of disposing medical waste. It is the reason attendants of some patients prefer to remain in open space in place of inside the hospital and use public toilets in place of the hospitals’ stinking toilets. Sources in Civil hospital, Bairagarh, said there is no proper supervision of the hospital Superintendent for sanitation work or cleaning hospital rooms, toilets and even hospital premises. It is the reason why the sanitation staff and other responsible for the sanitation and cleaning the hospital do not pay attention to it.

It is also learnt that health department every year sanctions lakhs of budget for sanitation of the hospital from inside and outside but no sanitation work is seen there. Many times, the hospital authorities wait Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) employees come to clean the hospital from in and outside it. BMC has also shortage of staff so it has not sent its employees to Civil hospital Bairagarh for the last many months.

Vinod Varma, came from Gandhi Nagar along with his ailing brother for treatment, said that he told many doctors and other staffers of this hospital to keep cleanliness. When contacted Dr. Alka Paragania, Superintendent, Civil hospital, Bairagarh admitted of dirty, heaps of garbage and not having proper cleaning at the hospital premises.  We will ask the BMC officers to get the hospital from inside and outside cleaned. Whenever there is sanitation problem we call the BMC staffers, she said.