Shivangaon farmers decide to sell kidneys for livelihood

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Oct 2017 10:09:23










Staff Reporter,

Shivagaon project affected persons (PAPs) have threatened to sell their kidneys to meet their two ends meet. The continuous disregard to demands of PAPs on part of Maharashtra Government have left us with no option, said Baba Dawre, Convenor, Shivangaon Prakalpagrasta Sangarsha Samiti. He said the monetary help given by State Government, that of Rs. five lakhs was meager and now even source of livelihood has been snatched.

In these current times, with monetary help such less as this, how can the families with more than five members and no source of livelihood sustain their basic needs?” Under the garb of overall development of Vidarbha, Maharashtra Government initiated the ambitious project of MIHAN. Keeping faith in assurances provided by State Government, people of Shivangaon agreed to land acquisition. However post land acquisition Government has left us on our own. With no option at sight, affected people have decided to sell their kidneys and earn their livelihood. It is still better than committing suicide,” said a villager Ravi Gudadhe.

Not only our livelihood was snatched by the State Government, but even source of income taken away from us. Rehabilitation does not mean giving the amount partially and then work of Government is finished. Our consistent appeals to State Government have been astutely trivialised by them. Perhaps Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is oblivion to the fact that we belong to his own electoral constituency, Dawre said while addressing a press conference on Friday at Shivangaon.

It has now been 10-years to our demand for increase in the amount of compensation we received on the grounds of our rehabilitation. Also, having received very little compensation, farmers have been demanding 12.5% of the
fertile and developed land. However, establishment has categorically turned a deaf ear to these demands. At the time of inception of MIHAN, Government had promised us that they will provide employment opportunities to every children of the village, however the wait continues even now” Dawre further stated.

Shivangaon residents have been at the forefront when it came to development, giving away whatever we had but now our own problems are not been given heed to,” said an aged protester. The protesters also threatened to forcibly halt all the ongoing projects including the second runway proposed at MIHAN.