Annual tech fest ‘Aavartan 2K17’ begins

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Oct 2017 10:03:17


Staff Reporter,


With huge surge of participants, vibrant students and exuberant organisers, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur on Friday inaugurated their two day annual technical fest- AAVARTAN 2K17, central India’s largest technical fest organised by the Technocracy team of NIT Raipur. Chief guest Professor Bharat Bhaskar, Director IIM Raipur and guest of honor Professor Rajat Moona, Director IIT Bhilai inaugurated the fest.

Aavartan 2k17 was a perfect package. People were brought with varieties of events which included technical, managerial, robotics and fun events. Vigyaan was amongst the most attracting events. With the aim to nurture the scientific temperament of the students beyond their natural limits, it tested the scientific and technical abilities of an engineer.

A total of 46 teams were found presenting their models. The branches which were found presenting their models were Electronics, Civil, Computer Science, Mechanical, IT, Electrical, Metallurgy, Mining, Bio-tech, Bio-med. One of the team of Architecture department presented the model of temporary toilets on which the Director of IIM Raipur complimented that, if found economical, the project will be implemented for the use laid to public in future. Go Green committee also presented models for the protection, conservation and better utilization of natural resources.

Other than Vigyaan , rush of students were found participating in technical events which include Electronica- in which electrical circuit concepts of participants was tested, October Sky- which gave the students a chance to showcase their talents in the field of rocket science, fluid mechanics and projectile motion. A quizing event technomic quotient was organized as well as a grand programming event was organized in association with codechef named ‘Codenesia’.

For Robotics enthusiast, various robotics events were organised which included Maze runner - in which participants were required to build autonomous line follower robot to follow a given path, Terrain Trader.
The first day of Aavartan culminated with a grand laser show. The results of all the competition will be declared tomorrow in the closing ceremony.