Marathi play ‘Nyay Antaricha’ shows class

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Oct 2017 09:51:19


Staff Reporter,

Marathi Play ‘Nyay Antaricha’ written by Adv Anjali Thakur provided a totally new flavour and dimension to the hitherto run of the mill presentations, with its unique storyline and the classic court drama that can only be replicated on stage by a lawyer.

It is a refreshing change brought about by such brilliant writers as Adv Anjali Thakur, that can reignite the soul with the romance and charm of one act plays in the city, which is unfortunately on the wane.

The play revolves around a young unwed couple, who commit the forbidden act, landing the girl into trouble, while at the same time, a serious accident causes the boy to be in ICU. Shattered parents of the middle class girl have no option, when told of dangers to the girls’ life if the unborn baby is aborted, than to get child delivered at a private nursing home and then handing over the baby to an orphanage.

In the meantime, another young couple, who are childless visit the orphanage and select this child whose name is Om and adopt it.

The biological couple, after recovery, decide to get married and then take custody of their child from the orphanage. But to their surprise, they find that it has already been adopted. They meet the Orphanage officials and try to reason with them, but rules do not permit for such an adjustment and the original couple take the matter to court. Here after a bitter battle of wits, the decision of the court goes in favour of the orphanage. But again an act of God prevails and the new parents of the baby Om decide to handover the baby to its biological parents, as the lady realises the intensity of the motherly pangs that the Biological mother must be reeling under.

Beautifully written and presented, the play has actors Madhura Deshpande as Neha, Abhay Nawathe as Shishir, Archasna Aloni as Mother of Neha, Shashank Khare as father of Neha, Shrikant and Madhavi, roles performed by Vivek Aloni and Supriya Kekatpure, Pragya Kogje as Yamuna, Shrikrushnna Koranne as Mama, and Urmila Deshpande as the upright Director of the orphanage. Prabha Deoskar performed the role of Adv Gandhe like a Professional, cool and calculated. The Judge, whose voice was heard in the background, was Vijay Deoskar and belief was Vishwas Pattarline.

All the actors did a fine job, with Mama (Koranne) adding a fine touch of humour. Actors
Madhura Deshpande and Supriya Kekatpure appeared thoroughly soaked in the DNA of the characters they portrayed. Their respective ‘good half’ being equally impressive. Prabha Deoskar had directed the play.
Swapnil Bohote was in charge of stage decor and lights, while Music was arranged by Abhishek Kane. Vijay Deoskar managed the sets. Vinay Thakur was the producer.

Earlier, the programme was inaugurated by Dr Girish Gandhi in the presence of Chaya Kawle, Mohana Mardikar, Mala Kekatpure, Shubhangi Bhadbhade. Also present off the stage were Justice Sharad Bobde, serving Judge of the Supreme Court of India, Former Judge Vikas Sirpurkar of the Supreme Court of India, Kumkum Sirpurkar, Former President of VED Vilas Kale, Playwright Priti Vadnerkar,
members of the Padmagandha Committee, theatre actors
and directors.

The Play was the first presentation in the Sudha Dongre Lekhika Natya Mahotsav Competition, organaised under the aegis of Padmagandha Pratishthan in memory of Mohana Mardikar’s mother.

Speaking on the occasion Mohana Mardikar expressed a hope that Padmagandha Pratishthan will spread its wings outside Nagpur to perform in other cities of Maharashtra under the name of Vaidarbhiya Lekhika Natya Mahotsav. Shubhangi Bhadbhade made introductory remarks. Dr Girish Gandhi expressed happiness over Padmagandha’s existance and performance for the last 18 years. Chaya Kawle proposed the vote of thanks.

Today’s play: Nava Vidya Bhakti Ras, directed by Nikhil Tongle at Scientific Society hall, at 6pm.