Married women to observe Karwa Chouth today

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Oct 2017 10:34:18


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Day ahead of Karwa Chouth, the married women from Steel city were seen making hectic preparation for the occasion while applying Heena (Mehandi) on their hands, purchasing Karwa and other materials essential for Karwa Chouth and buying new traditional outfits and jewelries for the day. Karwa Chouth, a festival observed by married women, will be celebrated on Sunday.

The married Hindu women specifically north Indians observe fast to ensure the well-being, prosperity and longevity of their husbands on this day. As such local markets remained busy throughout the day with women thronging to shop on the eve of Karva Chouth. On this day women wants to look their best, which needs a detailed shopping comprising of colourful Indian attire and accessories to go with it like bangles, jewellery, make-up and shoes. To give women that stunning look, beauty parlours in the city are offering an array of services at discounted rates.

Carrying shopping bags stuffed with festive luxury, Babu Rao a resident of Sector-1 is lustrous as he walks out of the Akash Ganga market with her wife Harsha. The couple has just finished shopping for ‘Karva Chouth’ and excitingly said that this is their second ‘Karva Chouth’.
However, they have decided to modify the traditional custom of ‘no-food-no-water affair’, to help them sail through the day. Maleshwari, a 27-year-old housewife, says, “I am fasting for the long life of my husband and have applied henna and will eat only after I see my husband’s face against the moon.” She wants to do all the rituals, and also get “sargi” a platter of eatables and gifts from mothers-in-law.

“Last year, I woke before sunrise and ate a small meal with some sweets. Though I enjoy keeping a rigid fast, ‘sargi’ is fun.
Chandan Kumar, a henna artist, said, “Sector-6 being the center of the steel city I get a very good response here. I earn up to Rs 500 per sitting, depending on the amount of time and labour it consumes.” Shama, a Beautician at pointed “apart from the regular facial and bleach, women are also demanding complete makeover with wax and Mehendi. We are offering these treatments in packages and discount offers to our regular customers. The newlywed women are demanding bridal makeup which is out of any package as Bridal make-up takes a lot of time itself”.

Ajit Singh a resident of New Khursipar said, “It is an expression of love, but confessed that it requires a lot of patience. “Unlike women, we don’t get to rest on that day so; we end up working without food or water, which is very tiring. I hope the moon rises early this time.” Ajit has been fasting for his wife for the past 10 years. “It strengthens the bond and makes the day even more special,” he added.