Seminar on centenary of Great October Revolution at YMCA programme centre

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Oct 2017 10:39:13


Staff Reporter,


A seminar on Centenary of Great October Revolution and the challenge before working class was conducted at YMCA programme centre, Raipur on the other day by Dr Purnendu Ghosh Memorial Committee of Raipur. The objective of this seminar has been to mobilize public opinion on the occasion of October Revolution and how to face the prevalent challenge before the working class. Chief Guest on the occasion was K N Ramchandran, General Secretary of CPI (ML), while the programme was chaired by Prabhakar Choube, eminent writer, journalist and patron of Progressive Writers’ Association, Raipur. Other speakers of the occasion were Soura Yadav, State Secretary of CPI (ML), Tuhin Dev National Coordinator of Revolutionary Cultural Forum (RCF) and Vipasha Rao, well known singer and member of RCF.

In his keynote address K N Ramchandran said socialism was built to oppose and create the counter narrative of capitalism and imperialism. He stated that the world wide expectation that emerged after the October Revolution regarding the eastern wind of socialism delivering an ultimate and fatal blow to capitalism did not materialize. Religious fanaticism has been stoked to wipe out the impact of socialism and the strife to capture the market has been, once again, leading the world towards a great war.

New economic policy has made the life of a common man miserable. In order to build a ‘people’s alternative’ that can ensure livelihood and democracy for all he called upon to mobilize and unite all left and democratic forces, oppressed classes including Dalits, tribes and women. For that, we have learn and internalize the lessons of Great October Revolution and all the revolutionary movements of our country and the world. Prabhakar Choube, in his presiding address, said that external change of our material world used to influence our internal consciousness.

We have focused only on the economic front and did not bother much to instill the cultural and political lessons. The abyss between the rich and the poor is increasing at a fast pace. Now both the imperialism and the capitalism are the main challenging forces for the world at large. Soura Yadav said that imperialism was no option for the present day. He called upon unison of workers, peasants, Dalits and minorities and all progressive forces to uproot the capitalism and establish socialism.

Also present were Sanjeev Khudshah, Acting Convener of Caste Annihilation Movement and Anju Meshram (Caste Annihilation Movement), Ashok Ganguly and Ratan Gondane of RCF, Mohammed Nisar and Deepa from All India Revolutionary Women’s Association.