Theatre artists, dancers, litterateurs hail Hitavada’s concern over child security in schools

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Oct 2017 11:21:15







Dr Raghvendra Sharma, Chairman, Madhya Pradesh Child Rights Protection Commission,

was happy over article on child security in schools published in The Hitavada, on Saturday, said there is no law about opening Play Schools, anybody opens play school in his house. We have written to State Government to make some strict laws about opening play schools. Besides, after instructions from Child Rights Protection Commission, some private schools have made separate toilets to the childrenand school staff. The Government has no statistics about play schools in the state. Actually, every department has separate guidelines for the schools as transport department , school education department and others. Besides, the students’ teaching and play rooms should be separate and no outsider even parents be allowed there.
















Rajesh Joshi

Article written by Anshuman Bhargawaji in The Hitavada is good, said Rajesh Joshi , noted Hindi poet and playwright , received several awards including Sahitya Academy award, New Delhi. He raised issue of having separate toilets to the children in schools. There should be two separate toilets one for children another for school staffers if we want to avoid the Gurgaon international level school’s tragic incident in other schools of the country. Secondly, there should be a strict law to prevent children from working in dangerous works as fire cracker making factories or working in automobile shops. In our country there is labour law but it is not implemented strictly. Most harmful to children’s health is working in fire cracker making factories. Child labour is snatching childhood from our children. The Government should not only make strict laws in this regard rather get it implemented from the states.


Mahendra Gagan, well-known Hindi  writer who  publishes a literary weekly

appreciated the article published in The Hitavada, on Saturday, said there is lack of awareness about security of children in schools. Where there is Gurgaon like any rocking incident our Government talks about laws. I think the Government should soon make a tough law and get it implemented. The Government should strictly check whether the schools buses and autos transporting schools children are run through LPG, it is right it should be banned. Actually, people have no awareness about security of children in schools. When there was Gurgaon like shameful incident, people and Government is awaken and many issues related to security of children in schools are discussed. I have seen that the laws are made but its implement is not proper.















Dr Lata Munshi, noted Bharatnatyam dancer and dance guru, who has received many awards, said really the article on children’s security in schools was good, she said security to children in schools should be provided anyhow. There should a tough law and be have strict guidelines to the schools on security of children. Not only in schools, even in schools buses also the children be remained safe it should be ensured by the school management and parents also. It is duty of the schools that they should not only provide education to children rather provide proper security in schools and have responsibility the children be reached home safely.












Shobha Chaterjee, well-known theatre artist who has been doing theatre for the last more than three decades said the article on children’s security written by Anshuman Bhargawa is really appreciating. Such issues should be raised in society. She said the problem of middle class and lower middle class is more than upper class. They do not want to know what is going in society nor they try to know it. Our parents and children are engage in TV and mobile and no concern what is happened in the society. Secondly, the moral values are declining in our society. Security of children in schools should be taken seriously. It should not be confined only to children rather teenagers also, they are also victims of sex abused. We all should think over it seriously and act sincerely.










Sanjay Mehta, noted theatre and film artist who has received many awards and is in the field of theatre for the last more than 30 years, said article on children’s security is good in The Hitavada. I think there should not be security in only schools rather we will have to check security of our children in the buses and autos also. There are private sector’s buses and autos hired by the schools, they should be imparted training regarding the security of children. I have raised this issue because many accidents in which the children lost their lives were read in news papers, it shocks us. Schools should not hire any bus or auto without its proper verification.













V K Sharma, General Secretary, Madhya Pradesh Bankers’ Employees Association, said that Anshuman Bhargawa has written good article on security of children in schools and society, said there should be tough law regarding security of children in schools and in society so that anybody will think twice before harassing or doing crime against children. Secondly, there should be stern punishment to those violating law regarding security of children. Many incidents came to fore recently through media regarding children unsafe in schools in society were not good and it forced us to think again and again about children’s security.