‘Yudhasthal’ gaining popularity among citizens

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Oct 2017 10:30:21

Staff Reporter,

Apart from ‘Shaurya Smarak’, which provides people a chance to have a look into army’s life style, ‘Yudhasthal’ situated near ‘Dronachal Top’ on airport road is yet another place which is also becoming popular among denizens of State capital.
When one visits ‘Yudhasthal’, he can see various weapons, military models, equipment, war trophies etc. These military machineries tell the saga of Indian army with great pride. ‘Yudhsthal’ also fascinates curious youths and somewhere encourages them to join the army.



The anti aircraft guns, bunker, model of Brahmos missile, artillery gun area, Kargil’s Tiger Hill victory scene and action, Cheetah helicopter, depiction area are some of the attraction points of ‘Yudhasthal’.
It was on June 2017 that ‘Yudhsthal’ was inaugurated and since then, it is attracting the crowds of visitors.

A new audio tour guide system has been introduced at ‘Yudhasthal’, which enables visitors to listen to an audio explaining the various sections while moving around the Yodhasthal. This is besides, the smart army personnel who are present at the location and take pride in briefing on various displays and models.

The existing halls have been redesigned and renamed as ‘Indian Army Hall’ depicting the might of the Indian Army and ‘Sudarshan Chakra Hall’ giving insight into the history and Operations of the Indian Army including the various wars fought by the country.

In addition, two new halls, ‘Arms and Services Hall and ‘Param Vir Chakra Hall’ have been constructed. These halls give an insight into the various arms and services in the Army, procedure to join the Army and describes the valour and bravery of the ‘Param Vir Chakra’ awardees, the heroes of our great nation. At ‘Prerana Stambh’, the outer segment of Yodhasthal, busts and boards of Gallantry Award winners of
Madhya Pradesh have been installed. In crux, ‘Yudhsthal’ is becoming a point of attraction among Bhopalites.