Constitution of Anti-Profiteering Authority under GST awaited: ANMF

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Oct 2017 10:11:39


Staff Reporter,

IMPLEMENTATION of GST has been with error in view of the fact that according to Section 171 of GST law there is a provision of Anti-Profiteering Authority (APA) to ensure that in post reduction in price after GST benefit should be derived by consumers. Surprisingly, no such authority has been formed till date despite the fact that 22 meetings of GST Council have been held.

In view of major flaw detected in implementation of GST, members and office-bearers of Aam Nagrik Mitra Foundation (ANMF) has penned a letter to Union Finance Minister and FM Madhya Pradesh to rectify the error occurred in implementation of GST.

According to information, a meeting of members and office-bearers of Aam Nagrik Mitra Foundation was called upon on Sunday to make in-depth analysis of situation post-implementation of GST. It was held that under Section 171 of GST there is provision of Anti-Profiteering Authority (APA). The provision has been made to ensure that after there is decline in price of goods post GST implementation, difference of price benefit should be derived by consumers. Surprisingly, constitution of Anti-Profiteering Authority awaited despite the fact that 22 meetings of GST council have already taken place.

It is further informed that according to rule 126 of GST it is mandatory to constitute authority to fix the margin of profit and to tighten noose around people behind profiteering. And to attain so constitution of Anti Profiteering Authority is mandatory. But till date GST council has failed to draft any guideline to act upon the issue of profiteering. Members attending the meeting expressed their anguish on the fact despite there has been decline in the price of goods after the GST was implemented, the benefits of decline in price of goods remains to be obtained by consumers. The major instance of deprivation of benefit to consumers has taken place as no Anti Profiteering Authority or guidelines have been formulated by the GST council.

Reportedly the goods kept on sale are the ones where on the basis of old MRP of the product new price stickers have been pasted. Consequently the benefit that should have been derived by consumers in the post GST remains a distant dream for consumers. The proven practice of shop owners by pasting new rates stickers on old MRP has added much to the trouble for consumers.

Members and office bearers of Aam Nagrik Mitra Foundation namely Dr P G Najpandey, Anil Pachori, D P Dubey, Vinod Sisodiya, DR Lakhera, Dr M A Khan, Rammilan Sharma and other have demanded to check and control the malpractice placing new sticker on old MRP on the goods procured by consumers in market.