Toilets constructed by BMC non-functional in Harshwardhan Nagar area

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Oct 2017 10:24:10


By Arun Kumar,

Residents of Harshwardhan Nagar area under ward No 30 are forced to face civic problems for the last many years but the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) officers do not pay attention on the issue. This wards people road beside the main road of MANIT to Kolar are resented with careless attitude of the civic authorities towards their problems. Corporator of this ward is Praveen Saxena from Congress and MLA is Umashankar Gupta, who is now Revenue Minister but these public representatives hardly go to them to listen their problems and take corrective measures.
But this area that is almost very costly colony in the centre of the city but is always neglected by the BMC.

After Swachhata Abhiyan, BMC officers had made toilets in houses of poor people who have made temporary houses on the space where there were shanties earlier. The BMC had asked slum dwellers not to go for toilet in open and use toilet at home. Unfortunately, the BMC for the last more than a year did not make a permanent sewage pipeline. So the slum dwellers are failed to use it and all toilets made by the BMC in houses under Swachhata Abhiyan are remained non-functional. Slum Dwellers now go to public toilet by paying them monthly Rs 400 for a family.

It is not the story of one house, rather the problem is same for other slum dwellers. Many slum dwellers, complain that they had many times told to the BMC men and even the contractor but in vain.
Uncovered sewage drains pose a major threat to life and limb of passersby, in rains, the sewage water flowed on the roads and many times it enters into the houses of these people.

They pointed out that some of the slabs covering the drains on the road. Sewage pipes laid by the BMC were of plastic and substandard quality so as vehicles are passed from that road, the plastic made pipes are broken easily.
The people who live in one room kitchen face numerous civic problems lost my footing while walking there and was about to fall into the drain when a passerby managed to catch hold of me.

These the city is in grip of seasonal diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya and swine flu, despite the BMC officers do not care to repair the drains flowing in front of the houses, it is not cleaned.
Children walking across that area have been carefully cautioned to take care. Because the drains are knee-deep, any fall into them could lead to casualties. People say they have complained to the authorities and are hoping for some action.

Abdul Jabbar, resident under ward No 30, said we reside in unhygienic atmosphere. Heaps of garbage and open drains are there causing problem to the residents of this ward. Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) employees come to clean the road but not properly, they do not lift garbage regularly. Due to which the danger of malaria, dengue and chikungunya is continued to residents of Harshwardhan Nagar residents under this ward.

Manish Patil, said the BMC made multistoried buildings to the slum dwellers in this ward but its sewage pipes were broken for the last two to three years but no BMC officer ever paid attention on it. The Sewage water is flowed on the road giving many times sleepless nights to the residents. Living in this area under the ward No-30 is hard. He said it is surprising that BMC did not repair sewage lines at its made houses so how residents of other houses can expect them to repair their sewage lines.

Bala Pawar, who resides there and run a pan shop said it was tough to let their children play in front of the house as open drains stinking. Moreover, the BMC men who spread message of cleanliness throw heaps of garbage in front of the houses, the dustbin was kept just before the house. People came from nearby areas to throw garbage in it, it stinks. How we live we know.

Sunita Pawar, said the open drains in front of their houses create problems to even sitting in premises of the house or opening window or keeping the door opened due to stinking from drains full of garbage. It is not cleaned. What can we do, we always tell to BMC men but they do not listen our woes. Even they have kept broken dust bean, it is made our lives hard. Nobody is ready to listen us.

Meerabai, living in the same locality said the BMC men prevent us going to toilet in open. They made the toilets in our small houses but did not make proper drainage system.
The cheap quality plastic pipe was laid, it was broken many times due to passing of vehicles from that place. Residents had demanded iron pipe to have proper flow of sewage water but they did not do so. Result is that toilets are remained unused since its construction. Due to construction at place to place there is no place for toilet in open. People have to pay more than Rs 300 every month for using public toilets. We are economically poor people but the BMC officers do not understand our problem.

Surekhabai, said the story of non-functional is about in every house the same. Many times, the residents approached to the BMC officers to make them aware about sewage pipeline problem and not proper cleaning the area but it is no effect. No men ever come to clean the drains in front of our houses.
Our children cannot play in front of the houses. Many times, children fall in open drains but the BMC officers have not yet taken its notice. We fear of seasonal diseases but we are forced to live in such conditions.

Nirmal Chouhan said Municipal Corporation sanitation workers come to clean but just the main road not the lane and by lane. Whenever they were asked to clean it, they denied saying it is not their duty. Residents now clean their surroundings and sometimes the road in front of their houses so that they may be protected from diseases.

Sharad Prajapati said mosquitoes breed in this area, many people were victim of dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Neither the BMC did fogging in this area not paid attention on cleaning the roads and drains. It speaks of Swachh Bharat, it is on papers, not in reality. They
should pay focus on cleaning drains and roads every day and be have regular lifting of heaps of garbage.