Pollution level in Raipur above maximum permissible limits

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Nov 2017 10:31:26


Staff Reporter,


As the National Capital is enveloped in dense smog, pollution level in Raipur is also worryingly above the maximum permissible limits.
An environmentalist Nitin Singhvi sent The Hitavada a picture of Ambient Air Quality Monitor at Collectorate showing the level of particle matter PM-10 at 195 microgram per cubic metres whereas PM 2.5 at 78 Microgram per cubic metres, which are still well over safe levels. As per Indian Standards, safe limit of PM-10 is at 60 microgram per cubic metres and PM-2.5 at 40 microgram per cubic metres. At both the parameters, pollution level is way beyond the permissible limits.

PM-2.5 is the particulate matter, which is 30 times smaller than a strand of human hair. It may cause serious lung diseases and also inflict premature delivery in pregnant women.

Let alone the standards of Europe or United States of America even WHO standards prescribed the maximum level of PM 2.5 at 10 microgram per cubic metres and PM 10 at 20 microgram per cubic metres as the safe level.

Formed in 1823, Lancet is a reputed organisation in the medical field. The organisation, in a report released on October 19, 2017, informed that 90 lakhs people died due to Air and Water Pollution in 2015, which climbs even further if we add the deaths caused by Tuberculosis, Aids and Malaria. Two of these three diseases TB and Malaria are
directly related to the Air and Water Pollution.