Habibganj station being redesigned on lines of German railway station

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Nov 2017 11:39:46











Staff Reporter,

Habibganj Railway Station is being redesigned like German based railway station under the redevelopment project. It is first private railway station being developed with cost of Rs 450 crore where entire station can be vacant in just four minute in case of any emergency.

Severtal moderate facilities will be equipped for passengers at the station. Railway is carrying on the work at station under built operate and maintain scheme. There wll be total 24 garder for the covered station out of which 3 girder has been already set up. Construction work will be highlighted among people in next three-four months. The station is being developed as world class by a private company on public private partnership mode. There is targeted to complete the construction by October 2020. However work has been delayed by few months due to 125 underground cables. After shifting the cables, construction work has been started.

According to sources, station is being redesigned on Germany based railway station that will have general exit, emergency exit and underground exit for emergency situations. These exits would help about 10 passengers to exit the station within four minutes. In case of fire incident, extinguisher would automatically get on and fire would be under control even before arrival of the fire brigade. At present under tunnel work is going on There will be hotels, multilevel parking, shopping complex, malls, entertainment zone, food zone and other facilities for passengers. All platforms will be covered and various provisions will be made for safety of people.

Under its station re-development project, Bhopal railway station is also planning to install automatic door at both entrance gate. Officials are processing the project and final approval would be given by authorities soon. Following the project of metro stations, railway has planned to modernize its selected railway stations. As Bhopal station is the main railway station of state capital and West Central Railway, officials have proposed to update the entrance with automatic door. There will be bar code ticket system at counters. Passengers would require displaying their ticket at sensor screen to open the gate. It would help railway to strengthen the safety of station and anti social elements would not be allowed to enter.

According to sources, under this system a bar code will be mentioned on ticket. After displaying tickets on sensor screen, bar code will be scanned and gate will be opened. Passengers would also require submitting their ticket after entering the station and then they will be allowed to exit. There will be separate gate for passengers having general ticket. According to railway officials, Habibganj station has been handed over the private developer for redevelopment three months back. The developer company has started construction of commercial complex at station which would generate revenue for the company.

The company is focusing on construction of parking, retiring room, advertisement, catering and commercial complex. Under the project there will be two sub ways for commuters from platform no 5 to 1. After making this sub way, passengers would not be bothered and workers would continue their construction work without any hindrance. The company has given target to complete the project in 36 months.

It may be noted that project of Habibganj World Class Railway Station was proposed during year 2006. There are proposals to provide modern facilities such as escalator, elevator, ramp, separate arrival and departure for passengers, replacement of foot over bridge with concourse, parking lot, landscaping, walkway, travelators, and parcel corridor. Separate arrival and departure will help to get rid of chaos at station. The project would cost Rs 450 crore to the railway. There will be food plaza, medical clinics, office complex etc space to earn revenue.