Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Nov 2017 09:38:57









Reserve  Bank   of India’s directive to bankers to provide services to the elderly and differently-abled at their doorsteps is a move in the right direction. With the banking sector undergoing rapid digitalisation in the last few years and most services available on-line, the elderly and those who are not of able body and mind have been left behind.

Much of the population in this section has been struggling to decipher the fast changing technology and banking rules. Besides, the social fabric too has undergone a sea change with nuclear families being the norm, rather than exception. Many senior citizens also have to fend for themselves due to the growing empty nest syndrome. For the differently-abled, the problems are obvious.

Such a scenario has led to burgeoning cases of fraud and crime. Impostors and cyber criminals have caused great deal of mental and even physical trauma. In such a grim situation, if banks are able to reach out to these clients’ at home, they would be doing great service to these much-neglected sections of society.



BEING a youth icon, Indian cricket Captain Virat Kohli is well placed in giving a word or two of sane advice to youths of his generation. Because he knows from his own experience what sacrifices have to be made to build one’s career and even one’s life. One has to forego allurements that are strewn all around. Hence his advice to all, not just the youth of his generation, that they should engage themselves in out-door activity and not confine themselves to gazing at TV screens, mobile phones or social media and waste time.

Thus there is a greater realisation that internet, TV and mobile have brought about drastic changes in lifestyles which is desirable neither for physical nor mental development of young people. Experts have been cautioning on the ill effects of hours of talking on mobile phones, gazing at TV screens. These have become modern day health and social hazards which the new generation must find an answer to. Otherwise what has come as a useful communication tool for the mankind should not turn into a curse.