The mind moves you towards your dominant thoughts

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Nov 2017 11:11:51



If you do not have the foundation for greatness, you will find ways and means of striking back at the person who injured you and possibly go so far as to cause that person to lose his job. In the event you will be the more unfortunate person of the two for truly any person who expresses any form of revenge is unfortunate. Revenge is like a boomerang. It often comes back to wound the person who sets it into motion against another. You have held your present position for a long while without getting the promotions to which you believe that you are entitled. There are two things you can do about it. First, you can open wide the doors to your mind so that grudge can enter and make you rough.

In that event, you may never get the promotions you desire but you will be almost sure to get the grade sooner or later. Secondly, you can start right where you stand and apply. The habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for and do it without rancour! By this method you can make yourself so valuable that your employer cannot afford to keep you in your present job, but move you up into, another station. When it comes to the entertainment of anger or hurt feelings, remember, that they are to be put behind. It is not important for you to know that no one may make you angry or hurt your feelings in any manner whatsoever without your willing co-operation.

Your state of mind is something you can control completely. You may be surprised to learn that you become better acquainted with the idea, how easily you can take possession of your mind and condition it, for the attainment of any purpose you desire. No one can control the actions of others, or many of the circumstances of life which tend to make one angry but anyone may control his reactions to these actions and circumstances. Your mind is your own. You are the sole supervisor of its reactions to every circumstance which affects your life. Shut out the negative reactions, if you wish to find peace of mind and lasting prosperity. Deployment of self is persistence, self-knowledge. Self-discovery willingness to take risks and accept the possibility of failure.

We can’t all be captains. We have to be the crew. There is some role for all of us in this life. It is not by size, you win or fail. Be the best whatever you are! Believe that for every problem, there is a solution. If tension blocks the flow of thoughts, your brain cannot operate efficiently under stress. Don’t try to force an answer but keep your mind relaxed, so that the solution will openup and become clear. Assemble all facts impartially and judiciously; list the facts on paper and that clarifies your thinking bringing the various elements into an orderly system.

If you pray, God will flash illumination into your mind. Determine to like your work; then it will become a luxury and not a drudgery. You need not change your job but change yourself. My uncle used to say: “Do not ask for the position of authority, for it you are granted this position as a result of your asking, you will be left to discharge it yourself. But if you are given the position without asking, you will be helped by God! Desiring to rule over people, one must in one’s words humble oneself before them. Desiring to lead the people, one must in one’s person follow behind them. Therefore, the sage takes his place over the people is no burden. Always view failures as not to be repeated learning experiences. Reinforcing past success to nourish confidence for taking need risks! Imagine that success is real despite the unknown.

” We know that champions fail 60 out of 100 times in their attempts. Actors and actresses auditioning for roles are turned down 29 out of 30 times. In the stock market, winners make money 2 out of 5 times in their investments. Failure is part of leadership and that should be understood vividly! Remember, that life is not something to step back and appreciate. It is an ongoing process of designs laying foundations, forming, erecting, bonding, changing,renovating and so on.

Work is never perfect; it is always under construction! In goal setting; the old way was to set goals and thereafter check them one by one as they are accomplished by a systematic approach! The 21st Century achiever understands that there is a sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Aware that confusion is round the corner, he sets life forming goals that can be adjusted and regulated as he proceeds ahead.