Influx of migratory birds increases

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Nov 2017 11:06:56


By Tara Chettur,

This year, Bhopal city is witnessing increased influx of migratory birds. On Sunday, around 3,000 ‘Eurasian coot’ were witnessed in and around Upper Lake. Sharing this information, Mohammed Khalique, ornithologist from Bhopal Birds Association, said that, early influx of migratory birds is a good sign.

In and around area of Bhopal city is a major stoppage for migratory birds. The water bodies are the main sources for the migratory birds. Other migratory birds, which are being seen in Upper Lake, include Common Teal, Gadwal, Black tailed Godvit, Little Winged Plover, Marsh Harrier, Brown Headed Gull, Little Cormorant, Open Billed Stork, etc.

The migratory birds travel long distances in search of appropriate places and the migration path of birds is from Europe, Pakistan, Afghanistan and also, from China, which usually prefer stay in the State capital near water bodies. The migratory birds travel mainly towards south to avoid the extreme cold conditions and when the food becomes scarce in their home land. Madhya Pradesh lies in the north south corridor of the migratory path of birds.

Mohammed Khalique also said that early arrival of migratory birds is mainly because of change of weather pattern of
home town of migratory birds. Eurasian coot is resident in the milder parts of its range, but migrates further south and west from much of Asia in winter as the waters freeze. It was also reported earlier that the deterioration in the quality of water in water bodies near the State capital and also, the rise in pollution, is affecting migratory birds’ pattern. The migratory birds also prefer suitable atmosphere for breeding and for that, they often choose the spots rich in surplus source of food. The migration path of Rosy Starling species of birds has showed a considerable decline in their number last year. Besides this, migration is done mainly to get appropriate food and shelter and the water bodies in the State capital are getting deteriorated mainly due to increase of human traffic near the water reservoirs, as per environmentalist.