Potholed roads, clogged drainage, garbage trouble locals

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Nov 2017 11:45:00



By Deepak Tyagi,

Although Bhopal Municipal Corporation is all set to transform South TT Nagar into smart city but local residents of South TT Nagar and its nearby areas Mata Mandir, P&T Chouraha, Tulsi Nagar and Jawahar Chowk which falls under ward no 32 and 31 are still facing civic issues.

The residents of these localities have been facing unhygienic conditions from past several years and the civic body didn’t bother to pay attention to improve situation here. As a result people use to fall ill due to vector borne diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya and other seasonal diseases.

BMC is planning to spend crores of rupees to develop smart city at South TT Nagar but failed to provide basic enmities to the residents of the smart city venue and its nearby localities.

Ward no 32 comes under corporator Jagdeesh Yadav whereas Amit Sharma is corporator of ward no 31 but there is no time-to-time interaction and communication between the locals and corporators and these selected public representatives didn’t bother to pay visit in their respected wards and to resolve civic problems being faced by them.
An interaction with the residents reveals a plethora of problems being faced by them and anger could be seen on their face while they spoke about the problems and no one is there to hear their grievances.

Banti Seni

Banti Seni, a resident of Mata Mandir area said that the sanitation and cleanliness workers of BMC didn’t collect garbage from their localities and it can be seen dumped on main roads here. Due to heaps of garbage, it becomes very difficult for us to walk on the road. Stray dogs and pigs can be seen searching for food from the heaps of garbage all the time.

Recently I read in news-papers that BMC’s sanitation workers who were on contractual basis were made regularized by city Mayor Alok Sharma but even after getting permanent job there is no improvement in their working style and the garbage collection work didn’t done timely.

Ubez Khan

Ubez Khan said that there is no proper sewage line and drainage system in their area therefore their street stinks all the time. In monsoon season the condition become worse and the road gets clogged with sewage water outflow. We have made several complaints individually as well as collectively to the authorities concerned but all in vein. The matter was also put in the Mayor’s Choupal but we were only given assurance and nothing else.

Amir Khan

Another local resident of South TT Nagar, Amir Khan said that most of the streetlights in their area are dysfunctional and the conditions of road in their locality are also not good which results in frequent road accidents. The girls of their locality didn’t go out from their home in night as they fear in passing from these unsafe roads in darkness. The officials of BMC didn’t bother to replace the non-functional street lights.

Narendra Bhatnagar

Narendra Bhatnagar, a resident of P&T Chouraha said that BMC said that there are lots of coaching institutes in our area and several students preparing for competitive exams attend these coaching classes. The main problem is that these students come on their two-wheeler vehicles and park them on main road that hinders smooth traffic movement. BMC didn’t make arrangement of parking lot in our locality so that these vehicles could be parked in these lots.

Ayush Khan

Ayush Khan, a resident of Jawahar Chowk said that in our area several problems prevail that include, drinking water supply, streetlight, broken drainage and sewage lines and bad condition of roads. The drainage in our areas are broken and most of them were chocked. Most of the street lights are not functioning from past long time but they were not changed.