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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Nov 2017 11:49:05

THOSE who know Kashmir well often believed that ultimately the Government will have to deliver express directives to the security forces to step up anti-militancy activities in the troubled State of Jammu and Kashmir. Their observation has now come true. Thus, in the succeeding times, the nation may witness a heightened anti-insurgency activity in J&K, much to the relief of the common people not just in the State but all over the country. 

Of course, even though the Government had not issued any express directives in this regard, it was well known that the security forces were meeting the challenge of insurgency quite aggressively, in the process losing some of their precious personnel as well. Yet, all those efforts were producing good results,with nearly a hundred dreaded militants having been eliminated in the past some months.
One of the smart moves by the Government in the past some time was to appoint Mr. Dineshwar Sharma as its Special Representative to conduct talks with various groups in Jammu and Kashmir. He also has completed the first round of talks and has reported the findings to Union Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh. Cumulatively looked at, all these developments seem to have had a positive effect on the Government’s decision to ask the security forces to unleash their powers to bring the militants down to their knees.

In the past one year, the Government has found itself at its wit’s end when whatever it did met with absolutely unacceptable and antagonistic political propaganda by separatist lobbies. The separatists found young people as an easy tool in their hands. They pushed hundreds of young people to the streets pelting stones at the security forces. It became obvious to the world in no time that all those stones did not emerge out of ground at all places in Jammu and Kashmir where the security forces were at work. The Government’s directive to the security forces to use rubber bullets also produced adverse results, with the so-called human rights activists stepping up a venomous propaganda against the Government.

In such conditions, what helped the best was a silent but efficient manner in which the security forces started countering the militant threat everywhere. That led to successful elimination of many a militant, thereby hugely reducing the extent of militancy in the troubled area. That experience put a final seal on the Government’s decision to issue directives to the security forces to step up their anti-militancy operations (Ops).

Of course, on the parallel track, the Government will operate the option of talks through Mr. Dineshwar Sharma, a seasoned veteran of Intelligence activity. If this two-pronged effort is continued consistently for quite some time, the Kashmir front would produce welcome results.

There is also a third option -- the political response to the emerging challenges. If the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by Ms. Mehbooba Mufti as Chief Minister and partner-in-power Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) act unitedly to give vent to a popular disgust towards separatism, then the separatists will start facing a situation of rejection. Everybody in the State realises that separatism has a poisonous effect on the Kashmiri psyche. Everybody feels that the separatist designs must be exposed. If the two partners in power launch a well-planned campaign of political propaganda, then the separatists will have one more front to contend with.

It is difficult to predict, however, if Chief Minister Ms. Mehbooba Mufti would ever agree to launch a counter-offensive in the political arena. But if she musters courage, then she will serve a tremendous national cause.