Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Nov 2017 11:22:51









BY slashing tax rates of over 200 items, the GST Council had recently provided a big relief to the consumers. While some of the traders have implemented new rates,  there are others who are not passing on the benefits of tax rate cut to the consumers as yet. To make such unscrupulous traders fall in line,  the Government has cracked a whip on them and set up a body, National Anti-profiteering Authority, to ensure that consumers get the GST rate cut benefits. The decision of the Government is laudable as it will protect the interests of the consumers.

The consumers are often at the mercy of traders who indulge in all sorts of malpractices to earn more profits. Many of them sell goods at much higher rates than the Maximum Retail Price without any qualms. Though there is a consumer protection body, hardly anybody  approaches them for various reasons. This works to the advantage of the unscrupulous traders. In order to put an end to this malpractice the consumers will have to be more alert about their rights. Those not passing on the benefits must be hauled up.



IT IS AN ambitious plan by the Government of Maharashtra to make the State ‘plastic-free.’ Obviously the Government is concerned over the menace of plastic which has created environmental hazards for humans, animals, plant life and over all ecology. While the ill effects of unchecked use of plastic bags and thermocol goods are well known, its use goes on unchecked. The use of this menacing article is so widespread that, like smoking or spitting on roads, it would be a Herculean task to eliminate it from human life. Hence the announcement by the Maharashtra Government to rid the State of plastic bags appears rather ambitious.

To make the campaign successful the Government, besides using its punitive legal instruments, has also decided to involve the people. There is no denying that without the participation of the people in such a campaign success would be difficult to achieve. While public support is essential, the one area that needs strict Government action is to put a complete ban on manufacture of plastic bags. It is essential to strike at the root.