Life is a continuous process to explore your potential

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Nov 2017 12:42:44




THE Right way to live is to cultivate right thoughts, do right action, cultivate right behavior, form right habits, have right attitudes and reach the right destiny. In each area of your life, it is extremely important to demonstrate total honesty. Honesty is like the foundation of a building. Without a firm foundation the structure above cannot be strong. What is further needed is a positive attitude, the right frame of mind to meet challenges ahead. The beautiful part of life is that honesty alone will give the confidence to have the right attitude. Attitude is the quality and direction of your thought process. There are two types of people in this world. The greater numbers are consumers and the smaller number is contributors.

A large number are followers. A large number of people are mediocre and a few are excellent. Most people are talkers and only a few people are doers. Dale Carnegie once said: “Luck is nothing but a meeting point of the alertness of your mind when opportunity is passing by.” People are usually blind to opportunities but blame the situations and circumstances they find themselves in. Each of us need to go to some specialist to remove this blindness, but instead all of us claim that the whole world is blind. Well, the world is not blind but beautiful. It is we who are wearing blinkers. Every day we live, brings with it thousands of opportunities but we are not alert to see them. The moment we start acknowledging these opportunities, we will not miss them. Never blame circumstances like being the eldest in the family as the cause of your lack of opportunity.

In fact, destiny awaits you but you have to move forward and grab it. Your destiny is a matter of choice and not a matter of chance. Once a rich man was asked how he became successful in life? He said that he recognised opportunity and grabbed the chance. If he succeeded well and good; fist he learnt a lesson. Listen to your inner voice which tells you what is right and wrong.

Also listen to your inner intuition and take action as it dictates. Also be truthful never to lie. A perfect example is Mahatma Gandhi. How did this ordinary person become successful? It is because he was sincere and honest and he firmly believed in non-violence. Only a strong person can be non-violent. The divine quality is dreaming what you want to be, where you want to go, what you would love to do. It projects you with hope to achieve, goals to reach and all this makes you human and the unique creature in all of creations. All of us are made in the image of the creator. Therefore, you are fulfilling your destiny. As a child of God in human flesh and blood; when you start dreaming the beautiful dreams, God Himself is inspiring your mind.

A persistently negative and cynical attitude is a mark of emotional illness. Faith is the native air to be breathed in by human beings. Welcome all stimuli that encourage faith. Persons who are not breathing the natural air of faith, but are breathing the polluted air of doubt and unbelief are susceptible to a lower morality. They are quickly consumed by negative emotions. Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desire of your heart. Faith is a choice; not an argument. It is a decision and not a debate.

It is a commitment and not a controversy. It may be defined as wanting more out of life. A Pole Vaulter who runs and then Vaults over the bar a little higher each time never really knows how high he can jump until he fails to scale the bar. Success is achieving the maximum of your potential in the situation you are in. Don’t keep the bar low. Success is that point when we can do no better than we are doing now. Applause does not come till you have given all you can give. Spectators love the winners; they love the losers too, as long as both give their best. The Bible says (Psalm 18:36) “You enlarged the path under me, so that my feet did not slip”.

Growth is synonymous with life. Keep dreaming and you keep growing. Faith is shooting for the moon. It is a plan to reach heaven someday. Throw yourself into your work with everything you have got. Again and again, the person fail because he is not willing to shoot for the moon, to give his dream all that he has got. I often wonder how God keeps so many secrets to himself. Slowly, patiently, He releases new insights and allows each new generation the joy of making its own contribution. ■