Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Nov 2017 11:36:48

CRITICISM by some of the Opposition parties to Army agreeing to build three foot overbridges in Mumbai, including the one at Elphinstone railway station, where 23 people were killed in stampede, is uncalled for. The Indian Army helps civilian authorities whenever their help is required. So, there was nothing unusual in Army helping in building foot over bridges in Mumbai. Army soldiers are specially trained in building bridges speedily to ensure smooth movement of troops in difficult terrain. They have an expertise in this task. There was an urgent need to build foot overbridges in Mumbai, that have become old and are not capable of handling huge rush of commuters. In normal course, building of these bridges would have taken a much longer time, putting thousands of commuters to inconvenience, besides posing a risk to their lives. The Government of Maharashtra has thus requested the Army to help in building the bridges. It is unfortunate that some parties are playing a dirty politics over the fine gesture shown by the Army.


PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi will discuss with Police chiefs at a three-day conclave some issues that have caused serious concern to the nation in the past some years. Those issues include cyber terrorism and the impact of social media on the larger society. It is only natural that computer-dominated media has assumed much importance in recent years. Because the medium has a natural protection of anonymity due to technological reasons, the incidence of criminal activities is being witness in increasing proportions. The Police force all over the country has tried to equip itself with appropriate technical training, but the challenge is much bigger than the effort. It is this aspect that should dominate the discourse in the proposed 3-day conclave of top cops at the beginning of next month. Initially, the Police force attached only a perfunctory importance to the cyber issues. In the past few years, however, things are beginning to get much worse, which has made the Prime Minister’s attention imperative. Let us hope, he shows the right way.