Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Nov 2017 15:18:34










SWITZERLAND finally agreeing to share information about alleged black money hoarders in Swiss banks is an outcome of the sustained pressure mounted by the Indian Government on it to cooperate in fighting the menace of black money. The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, during election campaign, had promised to launch a drive against black money, and took a decisive step to set up a Special Investigation Team at the first Cabinet meeting of the new Government. Since then, several steps have been taken by the Government to curb black money and bring back the illegally stashed money abroad. However, the task was difficult because of the secrecy laws of foreign banks prevented them from sharing any information about account holders. However, as they say, if there is a will, there is a way. Sustained perseverance by the Government finally paid off with Switzerland and India signing an agreement under which information, which was till now secret, will be shared with India. This is a big achievement for the Government in its fight against corruption.


THOUGH Mr. Shashi Tharoor has apologised to the people for his objectionable remarks over Ms Manushi Chhillar being crowned as the new Miss World in a contest in China, his attempt to denigrate the splendid achievement of the young Haryana girl, and making fun of her surname by relating it with the demonetisation exercise, was certainly in a bad taste. It was not expected of the person of Mr. Tharoor’s stature. Unfortunately, the level of playing politics has gone so down that people easily cross the ‘Lakshman rekha’ without any qualms and caring a damn about its repercussions on the person concerned or, the nation. In fact, Ms. Manushi getting the title of Miss World is a proud moment for every Indian, as the title came to India after a gap of 17 years and at a time when the Government is making concerted efforts to empower women. Thus, there was no propriety in Mr. Tharoor making an awful remark against the young woman, who has brought laurels to India. In fact, no one should stoop to such a low level against any woman.