Reality Check

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Nov 2017 15:21:12


It was exam time and we had two days’ break for the next paper. As usual I was never going to utilise the break for studies! I ended up opening my books on the last morning, started with a chapter I was well versed with and with all my distractions and laziness, completed it after four hours. At a temple besides my house, where construction was on, one man was breaking the big dome of the temple all by himself. His feet had cracks which he had never cared of. He was drenched in sweat, his eyes showed all emotions at one time of pain, agony, tiredness, hope and faith. He was looking at the sky and I don’t know what was in his mind but his image made me think about millions of things which made me sad.

In those four hours, when I just completed a chapter, someone was trying so hard to complete one’s work to earn a handful of money for his family; in those four hours, somewhere a doctor might be operating a patient to get the bullet out of his heart so that his little daughter outside can get her dad back; in those four hours some sailor might be fighting against the tides so that he can have life to live and more water to sail; an astronaut might be on his mission to space to fulfil all the hopes that people on the planet have from him; a soldier might guarding the border with all his strength and awareness because even a single minute of distraction can cause his motherland a threat which he never wants.

I thought, when all of these were struggling for so much in that time what was I doing? Relaxing and completing a chapter which should have hardly taken an hour to complete. But because of my laziness I took almost four times the time required. When we are living with our pleasures someone is fighting for us at the borders so that we get the privilege to be safe and study because we are the future of our nation.

Let’s value this time and know its importance because we are getting it at the cost of someone’s life. Saying is very easy and following what we know is very difficult. We are aware of all the quotes on time and time management but what are we as youth doing?

The responsibility of building this nation is in our hands, the dream of Dr APJ Kalam is still to be fulfilled. Where would the Indian space research be had Dr Kalam and his team given up after the failure in the launching of SLV-3, which was his seven years long worked on dream? What if he would have never burnt the midnight oil and worked really hard to get it done again? Each one of us wants to be successful but the path to reach there is not as easy as we find it. By keeping pace with our time and passion we can achieve greater heights.

As said by Dr Kalam, “If you wish to leave your footprints on the sands of time, do not drag your feet”. We should work for quality and not just for the sake of merely completing the task. So let us value what we have in our hands and make the best out of it.










Harshit Rochiramani