definitive win

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Nov 2017 15:14:32

THE Army has registered a definitive win in its continuous battle against terrorism by eliminating top leadership of terrorist outfit Laskhar-e-Toiba (LeT) in the past some time. By any standard, this will have to be hailed as a critical victory scored by our security forces against terrorists. Having been operating from Pakistan-controlled territory and having been backed fully by Pakistan, LeT has already been a major challenge to India’s security forces. In the past few months, however, following the clear instructions from the Government, the Army and the Jammu and Kashmir Police as well as other arms such as the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) waged a very serious battle against terror. They kept eliminating terrorists in large numbers, and also kept losing their own jawans and officers in the fight. No matter that, the campaign continued, yielding tremendous results, that were announced at a joint-press conference by Lt. General Sandhu, Commander in Chief of 15 Corps headquartered in Srinagar; Mr. S.P. Vaid, Director General of Police, Jammu and Kashmir; and Mr. Zulficar Hasan, Inspector General, CRPF. 

Just a few days ago, the Government had issued fresh instructions to the security forces to intensify their campaign against terrorism. Having succeeded in earlier missions almost fully, the security forces launched a freshly intensified campaign to ensure that all senior commandeers of LeT were eliminated. There is every reason for the nation to celebrates this major victory registered by the security forces.

The battle, of course, is far from over and the security forces will have to continue their campaign relentlessly for a long haul. It will never be an easy affair. For, as they receive setbacks of the recent nature in Kashmir, they are most likely to regroup and hit back. That would mean a very fierce fight on a continued basis. In other words, the security forces will have to keep the pressure on, no matter the losses they suffer on their side. It must be admitted that when a battle rages, no loss is big enough. The battle must rage on, in all ferocity, in all decisiveness, with total commitment to complete annihilation of the enemy. It must be a ruthless affair, at the end of which the nation can expect victory -- after a long haul, after much losses of men and material. But when the decisive victory comes, what follows is a tremendous rise in national pride.

Yes, the current war on terror is to assert national pride of India, and also its right to live peacefully. No matter what the world says, it is the bounden duty of Indian security forces to ensure that the terror outfits are eliminated, annihilated. The trouble with today’s terror outfits is that they have got a backing of international forces. They are plush with resources, and can lure young men and women with a lot of money. With these dangerous possibilities, the governments across the world are now planning steps to block terror-funding, or snap channels of supplies to the ultras operating in faraway situations. Because these official efforts seem to be succeeding, the security forces’ campaigns, too, are beginning to show positive results.

Fortunately, at this stage in time, there is an overall consensus among global leaders on how to tackle terror and its supply lines. There is a global diplomatic effort going on as well to isolate nations like Pakistan or even China because of their open support to terrorism. All these continued efforts, in which India has emerged as a global leader, have begun showing signs of small victories at all places. The victory in Kashmir, however, has to be described as major. For, when the leadership of LeT stands eliminated, all the terror outfit can do is to unleash fresh waves of terror. And that is something that then world is not afraid of.