A labour of love

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 23 Nov 2017 10:07:17


By Farina Salim Quraishi,

Firmly believing that no step is too small, city filmmaker Shyam Doultani is ready to make a big splash in the entertainment world with a short film. The movie, titled, Kya Hua Malhotra, an entertaining suspense-drama features small screen star Babar Bhat in the lead and has been directed and written by Shyam Doultani. The sleek 31-minute suspense made under Shyam’s banner -Cineshades - deals with the humourous journey of a man, Sunny Malhotra (Babar Bhat) who loses all of his hair, overnight.

Passionate about films since a very young age, Shyam Doultani, who has been associated with acting in varied ways, had previously directed another short film in English Dare! . Speaking about his latest Hindi venture, Kya Hua Malhotra, Shyam says the idea to make the film on his brainwave came after a session of deliberations with his son, Mohnish Doultani.

“I’m always on the lookout for different ideas as I believe in the virtue of novelty. The story of Kya Hua... just of sort of played itself in my head entirely, I couldn’t wait to bring alive my vision. When I narrated the same to Mohnish, he said the concept was very relatable and fresh and was perfect for a short film,” says the articulate director, who has made his passion his profession now.

“Social media has changed the entire dynamics of filmmaking; it is easily the medium of the future. Plus, there is a huge market out there for short films on the public domain. Prime example of this being Chutney! The relatively obscure film has clocked a staggering 118 million views on YouTube already! So you see, the social media has emerged as a big boon for budding filmmakers like me to showcase their caliber and competence as a director and writer to the world. When we released our trailer, it received over 5000 likes within days, so it was a very encouraging start,” says the ecstatic former professor of Shyam Commerce Academy.

The sleek-visuals of the film belie the novice hand behind camera Mohnish’s, who has also edited the film. Another surprising fact is that Mohnish has used a regular DSLR camera to shoot the film. Breaking into a smile, Mohnish say visuals of the film are all about perspective. “It’s a misconception that only the most expensive is the best. In reality, camera is just a tool, what matters most is your vision. Right lights, good sets and prefect camera angles can bring out brilliant visuals! I’m a self-taught cinematographer learning everyday, with a lot of help from online tutorials ofcourse,” adds the first year student of BBA.

Following one’s passion is not without its fair share of difficulties, and Shyam says for Kya Hua Malhotra it was a choppy ride as well.
“We got lucky with the casting, actually. Babar even agreed to go bald as he was fully convinced of the film’s merit, which was a big thing as the concept hinged on the protagonist being bald! We got a lot of support from the local acting community and we have also shot the movie entirely in Nagpur, making it possible to keep the film within the budget. There were minor hiccups here and there, but when one is following the calling of the heart, everything else is just that, minor hiccup...” said Shyam on the parting note.

So, log on YouTube (https://youtu.be/-dWQ1ZmdqLA) and be ready to be surprised as Mr Malhotra goes on a quest to locate his missing crowning glory.