CAs should guide their clients to take advantage of GeM: Bharti

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 23 Nov 2017 10:02:32


Business Bureau,

Government has decided to create a one stop Government e-Marketplace (GeM) to facilitate on-line procurement of goods and services required by various Government departments, organisations and PSUs. The ultimate aim of bringing this portal is to enhance transparency, efficiency and speed in public procurements of the goods and services required by various Government departments. Chartered Accountants should guide their clients to take the advantage of the portal, said G O Bharti, General Manager of DIC, Nagpur.

He was speaking as a keynote speaker at a programme on GeM organised by Nagpur Branch of ICAI. He said, “The platform is not only easy to understand but also it is easy to operate as well. People should remember that apart from the general market where goods and services are provided, people should remember that Government is also a very big market. More than 4 lakh crore of purchases is being done by the Government and hence such portal will help is procurement of goods and services at proper rate with more transparency.”

Government sector was not openly seen as a market because of so many challenges. With the introduction of GeM, this important sector would be at reach of all traders and service providers. “With the introduction of this portal, not only goods will be procured but also payments within time will be ensured. This GeM portal is an end-to-end procurement platform of commonly used goods and services required by the Government departments. The sellers/ service providers as well as buyer should get themselves registered at this portal for taking the advantage. This portal is a paperless as well as cashless portal to bring in more transparency as well as ease,” he added.

The most important aspect is that there will be no human interaction in the entire process which is most important to bring in transparency. This portal will give a boost majorly to the SME sector as a major platform will be available with a simple registration.

CA Jufesh Shah, Member of PR & CSR Committee of ICAI who chaired the session said, such initiative of the Government are worth appreciating and will bring the transparency in the system. “In many departments, where procurement was mostly controlled by few agencies, such practices will be completely stopped which will save the money of the Government and ultimately of public. This will speed up the Government procurement process. Professionals can help their clients in getting the registrations which can be adopted as a professional opportunity as well. Till date around 17,000 buyers, around 45,000 seller and service providers have registered themselves on the portal. More than 2.7 lakh products have been registered till date on the portal,” he added.

CA Sandeep Jotwani, Chairman of Nagpur Branch of ICAI, in his welcome address said, the ultimate aim of this programme was to inform the chartered accountants about the major initiative of the Government which will prove to be a revolutionary change. “The world is moving towards an on-line market where we focus on buying goods on-line through multiple portals. It is important that we should be aware of such initiative of the Government where we can also play a role in selling goods as well at one of the biggest market,” he said. Its need of the hour to create awareness about this portal so that maximum advantage can be taken by suppliers as well as the Government departments. With maximum participation, maximum advantage will be available with the suppliers.

CA Umang Agrawal, Vice-Chairman of Branch co-ordinated the programme and CA Saket Bagdia, Nagpur WICASA Chairman proposed the vote of thanks. Present were CA O S Bagdia, CA P C Sarda, CA Akshay Gulhane, CA Deepak Jethwani and members in large numbers.