Haphazard parking on left turns adds to people’s woes

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Nov 2017 10:48:51


By Dhanendra Chourasia,

Jabalpur Municipal Corporation is toiling hard to organise and streamline traffic arrangements. It is widening roads, removing encroachments and developing squares. But, to irony, the civic body has turned Nelson’s eye to unauthorised parking on left turns at important squares. Haphazard parking of two-wheelers and four-wheelers on turns at many squares, which are being widened to avoid traffic congestion, is proving troublesome to citizens.

Left turns at almost all main squares of the city have been encroached upon either by vegetable vendors, temporary structures or two and four-wheelers. Uncivilised habit is adding to traffic jam like situation at squares and posing threat of fatal accidents.

Despite knowing the fact, JMC is paying no heed to ensure free movement of traffic and pedestrians on left turns at squares. Parking of vehicles on turns is creating great inconvenience to people and also leading to accidents. Due to parking on left turns, people have to walk through main road. Besides, motorists have also to make long queues during red signal at squares as they have left no sideway to cross the square.
It may be noted that the JMC had a few months ago initiated the drive to widen left turns on important squares and crossings.

It showed promptness in razing permanent structures, which were coming in wideness of the left turns. After razing unauthorised structures it dug up deep channels on left sides. But showed utter slowness in constructing and developing these turns. Anyhow, left turns were developed. But unfortunately these lefts turns are not fulfilling the purpose as people block the turns everyday by parking vehicles or erecting temporary structures.

The civic body knows the fact but pay no heed to ensure free traffic movement on turns.
Lethargy of JMC is proving dear to residents as unauthorised parking on turns block side way and create traffic congestion on roads at squares.

Ranital, Baldevbagh, Damoh Naka, Adhartal, Nagrath Chowk, Bloom Chowk, Labour Chowk, Malviya Chowk, Chhoti line crossing, Mandan Mahal Chowk, Tehsili Chowk, Ghamapur and other important squares of the city have been facing traffic jam as left turns at the squares are blocked by unauthorized parking everyday.
All aforementioned squares bear heavy traffic throughout the day.

Thousands of four and two wheelers cross squares. But, ignoring the fact, the JMC is not restricting parking on left turns at squares.
It is time when JMC must think of people’s inconvenience and strictly prohibit parking two and four-wheelers on left turns, which have been developed to abate traffic pressure on important squares and ensure free movement of traffic.