PM pitches for info sharing among nations to counter cyber threat

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Nov 2017 09:05:56



PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday made a pitch for information sharing and coordination among nations to fight the threat of digital space becoming a “playground” of terrorism and radicalisation, saying a fine balance can be struck between privacy and national security.
The quest for an open and accessible Internet, he said, often leads to vulnerabilities like cyber attacks, and a major focus area should be training of well-equipped professionals to counter cyber threats.

Addressing the Global Conference on Cyber Space here, he said Internet, by nature, is inclusive, but the quest for an open and accessible Internet often leads to vulnerability like cyber attacks.
“Stories of hacking and defacement of websites are the tip of an iceberg. They sugest that cyber attacks are a significant threat, especially in the democratic world.

“We need to ensure that vulnerable sections of our society do not fall prey to the evil designs of cyber criminals. Alertness towards cyber security concerns should become a way of life,” the Prime Minister cautioned.
Global cyber attacks in May-June this year infected more than 3,00,000 computers, disrupting work at banks and multinational firms and shutting down port operations.

Stating that ‘hacking’
may have acquired an exciting, even if dubious, overtone, he said cyber warriors need to be trained and well-equipped to take on cyber threats.
“We need to ensure that cyber protection becomes an attractive and viable career option for the youth,” Modi suggested.

The Prime Minister put the onus on countries to take responsibility to ensure the digital space does not become a playground for “the dark forces of terrorism and radicalisation”. “Information sharing and coordination among security agencies is essential to counter the ever-changing threat landscape,” he said.