Shock, silence and a heartrending cry

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Nov 2017 09:52:53


Staff Reporter,

THE stunned silence that had prevailed at Malti House, Darodkar Square, was broken by the cries of three-month-old Aarna. Amid the shocked faces of hundreds gathered around Rahul Agrekar’s body, the little baby was searching for her mother, Arpita. Little did she know the crowd had come to bid final adieu to her 31-year-old father, who was kidnapped and later brutally murdered.

In a corner, Arpita was still in trauma. Shattered to the core, she was not able to come to terms with the tragedy that had befallen her. Arpita’s gloom and Aarna’s cries at the Agrekars’ house brought a lump in the throat.
It was a heartrending scene when deceased Rahul’s funeral procession started for the final journey.

The Agrekar family had constructed their dream house just two years ago. This year, the family had welcomed two new little members. In March, Jayesh, elder brother of the deceased, and wife Pallavi adopted a baby boy while just three months before, Rahul (deceased) and Arpita had their first test tube baby girl. Both the couples had their first child after ten years of marriage.

“Arpita was informed about Rahul’s death at 12 noon, two hours before the body was brought home from the mortuary,” informed a closed relative of Agrekars.
Arpita was the most affected member. She appeared lifeless, standing like a statue near the body of Rahul. Her relatives helped her garland the body. Her in-laws, parents tried to convince her about the reality but the shock was too strong.
Same was the condition of Rahul’s grandmother, Malti. The 80-year-old was taken aback by the tragedy. It had affected her health and she did not even garland the charred body of her son for the last time.

Relatives informed how Rahul was the pillar of the family. “He was a decision maker. Though Jayesh is elder, Rahul was the main support of the family in the business. He was the one who would bind the family together.”