70% rivers of country have no perennial flow: Rajendra Singh

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Nov 2017 09:55:08

By Rajan Raikwar

Stockholm water prize winner Rajendra Singh says that situation of rivers in country is worrisome as 70 per cent rivers have no perennial flow. They are dry and dead. Rest 30 per cent rivers are struggling with the sewage discharge. In an interview to ‘The Hitavada’ during his recent Bhopal visit, Rajendra Singh said that in present scenario, most of the small rivers of Madhya Pradesh, which were seasoned rivers, are dry and dead. On other hand, big rivers got polluted. Enough tall claims are being made about conservation of rivers but ground reality is totally different. Now, Madhya Pradesh needs water literacy department for rejuvenation of rivers.

Telling that as rivers are drying up in country, villagers are doing forced migration every year to big cities. The forced migration of villagers is also creating a conflict like situation in cities as they live wherever they gets place. Expressing deep concern over present situation of rivers, he told that before 200 years ago India was a global teacher in water management and now India lost this tag as there is no maintenance of water structures. After Independence, millions of rupees have been spent in the name of water conservation but results are not so exhilarating. Acute crisis is staring and government is not making sincere plan to combat with climate change that has started to cast shadow on rain pattern.

Talking about the steps taken by him and his team to protect some rivers of Madhya Pradesh, he told that in Madhya Pradesh, his team is working to revive two rivers-one is Tarichar river in Tikamgarh and second is Singasoth river near Chitrakoot. He claimed that barring some rivers, there is no river in country whose water is drinkable. Some rivers are so much polluted that if one takes bath in them then he develops skin related diseases.