Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Nov 2017 10:43:27









THE  decision of the Army to strengthen road network along China border for swift movement of troops is significant from the country’s security point of view.  Despite receiving a  serious setback in 1961 war with China, India never paid any attention to ramping up road infrastructure in the mountainous region.

As a result, the strategically important areas in North-East continue to remain inaccessible for six months due to rains and winter snowfall, making it difficult for the jawans to cope with the extreme weather conditions with limited supplies of essentials. On the other hand, China has constructed all-weather roads in the region. It is, thus, in a position to deploy forces along the border at a much shorter notice.

Against this backdrop, the decision of the Army to construct roads in the region is most welcome. Good road network would not only help the Army in speedy deployment of troops but also help civilian population for whom life will be much comfortable as better road connectivity with other regions would open up new avenues of development for them. 



THE threat of vulnerability of cyber space to misuse for  terrorism and radicalisation that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi talked about is real and calls for deeper cooperation among nations. Addressing the Global Conference on Cyber Space in Delhi on Thursday, Mr. Modi expressed concern that misuse of Internet has become a worrisome prospect for Governments all across the globe with world-wide ramifications.

The easy accessibility of Internet, which is of course needed for the service of mankind in decimating information at speed, it also is vulnerable to misuse by terrorists and radical elements, which is a worrisome matter for national and even international security. Hence the Prime Minister’s appeal for cooperation and information sharing among nations should become the urgent agenda for mutual cooperation. Since no nation in the world is immune to misuse of Internet by criminals and terrorists, the new scenario demands that cooperation among nations should become the norm now onwards.