Slow yet gripping

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Nov 2017 10:40:34

By C Nishi

Julie 2 is certainly a notch above its earlier version. This is more than just an erotic film. The story is good and Raai Laxmi has done justice to the role. This one is far from the ‘soft pornographic’ label that the first Julie was given. This can definitely be called an adult family movie, as producer Pahlaj Nihalani would like to call it. Before the release, Nihalani dropped enough hints that this one is based on an actor from 90s and as you watch the movie it is very obvious who that person is. Merely changing religion of the protagonist or showing the bearded cricketer hasn’t helped much. Raai Laxmi playing Julie gets launched into movies relatively easily but faces trouble after the initial success. The ruination continues and one thinks that it would end either in suicide or a trail of murders but the suspense that is built up in the first half ends the movie differently and for a different reason.

In her first break Julie develops a good rapport with a director Mohit, played by Nishikant Kamat. However, as he tries to save Julie from the casting couch, he and Julie both end up losing all they achieved with their first movie. Mohit moves to a different country and Julie is left alone to struggle to regain the lost glory. Frustrated by the rejections and continuous exploitation she often breaks down. Having tested the success, Julie can’t handle the hardships for long and gives in to the filmmakers lust. With the help of big names from film industry, politicians and underworld she again makes room for herself in the stardom. That brings in money and big home for her but she continues to long for the true love. The climax is built around the role that Julie is offered to play in the biopic of a powerful politician’s wife.

Deepak Shivdasani’s mature direction is noticeable throughout the film. He has built the suspense very well and keeps the audience guessing about the real antagonist. Samir Reddy’s excellent cinematography, overseas outdoors and biopic shooting scenes at a palace are breathtaking. Though the film has many bad guys using and exploiting the protagonist, the real one is exposed at the end. Raai Laxmi exceeds the expectations, given that this is her debut film in Bollywood. Good guys in her life are played Rati Agnihotri who helps her launch by introducing her to Mohit, the director and Ambani, a beggar played by Aasad Khan, whom she picks from streets out of compassion and makes him her PA. Ashvini Asthana, played by Pankaj Tripathi, depicts the usual image of cunning and shroud politician very well. Aaditya Srivastava has played the role of ACP Devdatt, who is tasked with the investigation of an attempt on Julie’s life and her eventual death.

Music isn’t much if you take Raai Laxmi out of the equation. She makes the Mala sinha number glamorous experience for the audience. The other numbers are just about the beautiful and stunning physique of Raai Laxmi and nothing to do with the music. The name Julie 2 comes with a taboo as the first one was labelled as mostly the ‘skin flick’. For the same reason the opening of this film may be dull but it surely has potential to do good at box office. This one would sell more on story and content. Julie 2 does have some extra romantic and sensual scenes but not much to carry the film on its shoulders because we are in 2017.

Hitavada Rating: O O 1/2