BMC measures to identify mosquito breeding spots in vicinity continues

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Nov 2017 11:35:56


Staff Reporter,

Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) spot fine drive against littering and uncleanliness is identifying zones which has become bed for mosquito breeding larvae. In zone number 1 ward number 5 200 Rs were collected in two separate complaints. In ward number 24 in five complaints 1000 Rs were collected .In zone 6 and zone 7 around 10 complaints were registered.

In Karond area improper garbage dumping in open areas near Mandi is causing concern to locals .These also serve as mosquito breeding spots . The BMC team along with Malaria department is also going door to door to conduct larvae survey in different wards and also spraying insecticides wherever necessary.

Dengue cases are still getting reported from many areas .Treatment of dengue is being done on symptom basis. Dengue fever is caused by DEN virus and spread by aedes mosquito. Since this type of mosquito is found in moist and dark places, people are being advised to keep houses clean. Mosquitoes breed in water kept in containers like coolers, overhead tanks and junk including tyres etc kept on roofs. Temophos is being sprinkled to destroy mosquito larvae around houses. Urban bodies are also assisting in dengue control.

Improper garbage disposal also results in bringing in foul smell. Besides now the shop keepers and street vendors who are not keeping dustbins are also being fined. Even BMC is advising people to ensure to keep small dustbins wherever its necessary .Sewage chambers found open at colonies are also being inspected by BMC squad.BMC heath squad is going to each household in the colony and with the help of fogging machines disinfectants is being sprayed. A special drive has been launched to check spread of dengue larvae, water pots, coolers etc is being inspected at regular basis. Awareness through street plays is also being organized to empty water coolers, flower pots, earthen pots regularly to avoid breeding of larvae. Additional to that regular monitoring to check garbage and filth at public places especially areas where door to door garbage is being dumped as such areas works like ground for mosquito breeding is also required . Residents have also complained about delay in waste collection from dumping ground which also leads in spreading of filth smell.

The whole road gets covered with the smelling waste and as it is a commercial area the customers as well as shopkeepers face problems.Bovines feeding on plastic in which liquid waste is being dumped is also adding up to the issue.