Seminar on ‘Impact of Globalisation on Hindi’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Nov 2017 11:18:37


Staff Reporter,

Kadambari, a literary and cultural institute of Sanskardhani and Government Mankunwar Bai Arts and Commerce Autonomous College for Women, jointly conducted the National Literary Seminar on ‘Impact of Globalisation on Hindi’ at the college campus on Saturday.
Additional Director, Higher Education Jabalpur Division, Dr K L Jain presided over the seminar. The seminar was inaugurated with the warm welcome of the invited dignitaries at the hands of Dr Geeta Shrivastava, Principal, Government Mankunwar Bai Women’s College.

Acharya Bhagwat Dubey, General Secretary, Kadambari briefed about the programme and the objectives behind it.
Acharya Gargisharan Mishra while clarifying the concept of globalisation, showered light over its positive and negative aspects on Hindi. Additional Director, Dr K L Jain said that Hindi has a special charm that helps to make a unique connection between Indians across the world. He further appealed the students to promote and spread the culture of Hindi language.

The Additional Director, Higher Education said that the litterateurs should be sensitive and globalisation has somewhere hit out sensitivity. Hindi literature is one of the most sensitive literatures of the world and the readers would have to live it in order to understand it. They can not understand the depth of Hindi literature just by reading it.
Principal, Dr Geeta Shrivastava appealed everyone to focus on the purity and accuracy of Hindi language.
Many litterateurs arrived from different corners of the country to attend the seminar and discussed about Hindi and its significance for Indian culture.

Those who expressed their thoughts included Dr Shrikrishna Tiwari, Sihora, Dr Chandra Vijay Singh Tomer from Dehradun, Prabhu Choudhary from Ujjain, Prabhu Pandey from Indore, Dr Susheel Kumar Pandey from Sultanpur, Dr Arun Kumar Mishra and Dr Rajlaxmi Krishnan from Chennai.
Dr B M Tiwari, Dr Pragya Anuragi, Dr Susheel Dubey, Dr Indra Singh Bakade and others specially attended the seminar. The programme was successfully conducted by Dr Smriti Shukla while the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Neena Upadhyay.