Career in fashion photography

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Nov 2017 12:28:44


A thing of beauty is a joy forever. If you have an eye for beauty and like being surrounded by glamorous people, then fashion photography is the ideal career for you. With the growth of advertising and mass media, fashion photography has become a profession with great commercial value. 

You do not have to be graduate to become a fashion photographer. What you need is passion for photography. There are number of institutes throughout the region which provides certificate, Diploma, Degree courses in fashion photography, but in many cases people option for apprentiship with a senior photographer.

To be a fashion photographer you must have a strong visual imagination, an eye detail, attentiveness to colour, shapes and shadows and the ability to work in difficult condition.
Fashion photography attracts youngsters because of its appealing coverage of glamorous models and glossy prints. Specialist studios or freelancers commissioned by fashion houses of advertise agencies mainly do this kind of photography. More fashion photographers usually work under the direction of the photographers work along with models, take pictures of designer accessories in studios and showrooms and the photographers during fashion shows.

In India, fashion photography as a profession is growing by leaps and bounds in spite of it being in nascent stage, preparing a portfolio for a model is definitely a very paying job, provided one is expert at the craft of producing attractive photographers. Moreover a fashion photographer should know the current trends, styles and demands.
Scope As a fashion photographer you can work for newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, fashion houses and even big departmental stores, shopping malls etc.

It is not just the regular camera and lenses. The digital revolution has been unshared in and with newer field like the Internet, Facebook Whatsapp etc.

(Compiled by Madhukar Chute, Prof/HOD, Vocational Department, Raosaheb Thaware Jr. College, Nagpur)