Vegetable prices fall due to increase in local supplies

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Nov 2017 10:00:06



Business Bureau,

WITH an increase in local supplies, the vegetable prices have fallen by almost 50 per cent compared to last week in the wholesale market. The local supplies from nearby villages and towns have started to arrive in the wholesale Mahatma Fule Vegetable Market resulting in lowering of prices. This was announced by Ram Mahajan, Secretary of Mahatma Fule Vegetable Adatiya Market while talking with The Hitavada.
He said that the vegetable prices since 15 days had shot up in the city due to lower supply of vegetables. The vegetables were being unloaded from far off places to meet the local demand of vegetables.

The rates of various vegetables at the Mahatma Phule or Cotton Market were as follows: Brinjal Rs 8 per kg, Coriander Rs 10 per kg, Ladyfinger Rs 30 per kg, Capsicum Rs 30 per kg to Rs 40 per kg, Green Chilli Rs 20 per kg, Cucumber Rs 20 per kg, Cauliflower Rs 8 per kg, Bitter Gourd Rs 30 per kg, Tomato Rs 30 per kg, Radish Rs 10 per kg, Bottle Gourd Rs 8 per kg to Rs 10 per kg, Cabbage Rs 10 per kg, Fenugreek Leaf Rs 15 per kg, Mustard greens Rs 5 per kg, Peas Rs 30 per kg, Spinach Rs 15 per kg, Amarnath Rs 30 per kg and Cluster Beans Rs 40 per kg.

Earlier, only 100 to 120 medium to small vehicles would arrive at the wholesale market. “But now the situation has changed and now more than 180 vehicles laden with vegetables were being unloaded in market,” he said.