big challenge

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Nov 2017 12:50:14

PAYING tributes to those killed in the Mumbai terror attack nine years ago, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi felt concerned that terrorism poses global threat almost on a daily basis and asked people and Governments all over the world to work unitedly to defeat the dark, evil forces. Those forces symbolise devastation, destruction and destabilisation of societies, nations and value systems. The Prime Minister also lamented that while India was being bled through sponsored terrorism from across its border for decades and fighting a lonely battle, no country felt the necessity to address the issue and ignored India’s plight. But when terror came visiting their shores and caused much damage to their properties and human life, and value systems, they suddenly felt the presence of the spectre called terrorism.

Now the situation is that the monster of terror, which is mostly unleashed in the name of religion, has become all pervasive and all encompassing. The world has been made to sit up and take serious cognisance of the rapidly spreading evil. Nations like Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt are fighting their own wars against various terror outfits for years. While the US faced the first ever challenge to its values from Al Qaeda, Iraq, Syria are fighting their own wars against an evil force called the Islamic State (IS) which saw sudden eruption and spread like wild fire, usurping large territories of these nations. Fortunately the march of this evil force appears to have been halted for now. But this was possible only because countries like the US, France, Russia lent support in this fight to the affected countries.

But it would be naive to believe the evil force called the IS would be decimated so easily. When it saw its defeat coming in Syria and Iraq, IS turned its attention to countries in the sub-continent like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, the nations populated with large Muslim populations. The IS looks at these nations its next likely destination. From several of these sub-continental nations scores of indoctrinated youths have been drafted to fight the war for the IS in Syria and Iraq. Security agencies in countries like India are regularly coming across reports of some youths joining the IS ranks.

These are very ominous signals for the security of these nations. Devilish forces like the Al Qaeda, IS and Taliban are posing a serious challenge to the democratic, humanitarian values through recourse to violent means. Already towns and cities in Iraq and Syria are flooded with human blood as mindless massacres take place on a routine basis, causing heavy casualties on both sides, destroying rich heritage of great historical value, decimation of cultural symbols, unleashing coercion on the hapless civilian population, rape, kidnapping, murder, extortion. These forces have turned the lives of the people into hell.

With the obscurantist ideology with which this mayhem is being caused signals a real threat to humanity. Even predominantly Muslim countries are worried about the spread of this evil and are trying to contain their further march into their territories. But unfortunately Pakistan does not appear to be concerned about the consequences of its policy of using terror as a policy tool against its neighbours. While this policy is certainly causing concern to countries like India and Afghanistan, Pakistan itself keeps on getting the test of its sponsorship of terrorism. It is using radical Taliban to keep its hold on Afghan affairs. But the same Taliban keeps on targeting Pakistan cities and citizens every now and then, forcing it to complain that it is the victim of terrorism. It is paying the price for nurturing these monsters.

It is because of these ominous signs that Mr. Modi uses every opportunity during his tours abroad to stress to world leaders the need for a united fight and making a common cause.