‘C’garh has best rainfall pattern in country’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Nov 2017 10:33:05


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Chhattisgarh Forum of Administrators organised an evening with Sadhguru at the Sathya Sai Baba auditorium.
Addressing the august gathering of administrators and dignitaries, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudevan said that many important rivers like Narmada, Krishna Cauvery in the country are not touching the oceans for a good period of time and this is because of the changing pattern and human disturbance. Unfortunately the rivers in the country are not glacial rivers. Had they been glacial rivers we could not have been able to do anything about it. Since they are Forest Rivers we can revive them.

Chhattisgarh has a Rainfall pattern which is best in the country. The country get on an average rains for 45 days and holding this water in the land for 365 days and allowing it to flow slowly for the rest of the days is very important. The dams and barrages built cannot do it they are only technical interventions by humans but the only thing that can do this is vegetation no barrages or dams. Time has come to think in terms of river as having a life of its own, and treat it accordingly as river has a right to live.

Speaking about the role of administrators in the country Sadhguru administrators are privileged as they can affect the life of millions of people. Either they can make it better or can make it worse. When there is so much privilege for the bureaucracy they should try to do the best for the people. Land does not make a nation it’s the people who make the nation, so affecting a change in the life of the people is going to bring about a change in the fortune of the nation. Even the politicians are also privileged as they can also bring about a change in life of people but their bench life is comparatively lesser than the bureaucrats. While, the bureaucrats have a bench life of 25 to 30 years the politicians have 5 years and or a little more bench life. He said that for betterment of country the bureaucracy must wake up and act to dispense administration in best possible way.

Sadhguru said that Chhattisgarh is a rapidly growing state and he is happy to learn about many first initiatives taken by the state in the country. He said that he has been fascinated to learn that the tribal in Bastar are wise to believe that they created god and assess they performance of god.

We do not believe in one thing and in our country we wear different clothes, have different colors, eat different and look different. We are all different but to some reasons we are one we have been one nation for years. In Chhattisgarh there are 36 different kingdoms but yet one state. Many bureaucrats working here are from different parts of the country. This is the nation where we sought diversity and not sameness like other nations. We are held together because we have been a land not of believers but seekers. We are always seeking to know.

If you say you do not know you realise and when you believe that you do not know it build up a wonderful friendship. Confidence without clarity is a disaster. If you have clarity there is no confidence. You need clarity of vision to lead a better life, stated Sadhguru.
Earlier chief secretary Vivek Dhand welcomed Sadhguru and Speaker Gaurishankar Agrawal also spoke on the occasion.